Hitchd is a new type of honeymoon registry for the modern couple
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Guests love Hitchd. Even Grandma will approve

Let's be real. No one likes receiving unwanted gifts. With Hitchd, guests become engaged as they explore your registry, funding gifts that they know you'll truly love.

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Here's how we're different

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Set the tone

Your registry is often the first interaction a guest will have in your wedding experience. Hitchd makes it simple to create the most beautiful registry, setting the tone for your big day.

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Skip the Blender

Old-school registries simply aren't built for today's couple. With Hitchd, you can effortlessly create unique, memorable, experiences, that provide memories to last a lifetime.

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Stellar support

Receive personalized support for you and your guests via live chat or email.

Reach out any time. We're here around the clock.


Who can create a Hitchd registry?

Hitchd is open to anyone with a valid bank account living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the United States. It only takes seconds to get started.

Should guests be computer savvy?

We make it quick and easy to contribute towards your gifts. Guests explore your registry, select a gift, and follow the contribution instructions. We'll even send them a confirmation email with a payment receipt. Learn how it works.

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Ready to get started?

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Ready to get started?

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