Hitchd is a new type of honeymoon registry for the modern couple
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No more awkwardness asking for money

It's an awkward conversation at the best of times, let alone with your nearest and dearest. Hitchd removes the awkwardness by making guests feel part of your honeymoon experience, allowing you to breathe easily to focus on what matters most.

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Here's how we're different

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Help guests stick to budget

We make it easy for guests to contribute any amount towards your gifts, whether it's fully funding something small or pitching in for something big. They'll love it all.

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Receive well-wishes

After a successful contribution, guests can choose to send you a private wish. It's a unique and personal way to say bon voyage and wish you on your way.

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Thank guests your way. It's personal and private

Hitchd lets you thank guests individually by sending a personalized message and image of your gift. We'll keep you notified of contributions and let you know exactly who to thank.


When should I start creating gifts?

Many guests like to contribute to gifts early, while others tend to leave it to the last minute. It can pay to start your Hitchd registry as soon as possible to take advantage of early contributions and put your funds to good use.

How many gifts should I create?

Hitchd lets you create any number of gifts. Your gifts may vary depending on the type of honeymoon. We've found a typical registry on Hitchd to have an average of between 10-20 gifts of different value.

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Ready to get started?

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