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10 reasons you need a honeymoon registry for your wedding

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie Rozdarz
Dec 10, 20185 min read

Honeymoon registries are the new alternative to traditional registries, and we've got a list of 10 reasons why you need one.

  1. 1. You've got everything you need

    Let's face it, with the rise of Amazon and eBay; it's never been easier to buy appliances for your home. The chances are that if you're getting married, you already have everything you need for your home, and don't want another blender, juicer or coffee machine as a wedding gift from guests.

    Simply put, there are much more meaningful and memorable ways to put that money to good use.

  2. 2. You're just not that into entertaining

    When some couples sign up for a wedding registry, they usually end up including silverware or fine china to keep parents happy and old traditions alive. What if you don't enjoy entertaining? Or, you do enjoy entertaining, but already have a perfectly good set of dinnerware?

    A honeymoon registry can be a great way to get buy-in from guests and make parents forget about that set of crystal candlestick holders.

  3. 3. You don't have space

    Modern couples are now buying homes that suit their on the go lifestyle, often sacrificing storage and living space over location. With this lack of space, it can be hard to physically store the mountain of odd shaped household items that usually come from having a traditional registry.

  4. 4. Memories, not material

    By choosing a honeymoon registry for your wedding, you're sending a clear message to your guests that you value creating new experience and memories over receiving physical gifts.

    The chances are your guests have been to their fair share of weddings and will enjoy contributing towards something personal and unique, over a gift they've given before.

  5. 5. Honeymoon thank you cards are more personal

    Thank you cards are renowned for being difficult to write and hard to show genuine feeling and sincerity. When gifted an experience, it's easy to thank guests by describing the experience and conveying how it was a memorable highlight that you and your partner will cherish forever. Imagine trying to do that for a new set of cooking pans.

    Most good honeymoon registries have built-in functionality that keeps track of gift contributions with the ability to add a photo from each gift (or your trip) to attach directly to a thank you card.

  6. 6. Traditional registries are old-school

    Until recently there's been a familiar pattern of couples scouring bridal forums for tips and opinions, only to discover the same old advice that traditional registries are the way to go. These registries usually provide a miserable experience that you wouldn't want for yourself, let alone your treasured friends and family.

    There's good news though. A honeymoon registry can quickly solve those problems. By creating unique and personal experiences, your guests will not only have a more enjoyable experience; they'll love that they feel part of your inner circle.

  7. 7. Big day logistics

    One element often overlooked by couples are the sheer logistics involved with receiving a large number of physical gifts on your wedding day - especially if you plan to jet off on your honeymoon straight away. These items usually come in all different shapes and sizes and can be extremely fragile, making it a nightmare to manage on the day.

    Some couples opt for a wishing well or cash fund, which can also bear the risk or theft, loss, or misplaced envelopes.

  8. 8. Keep track of contributions

    After the big day, most couples want to relax, unwind, and enjoy each others company. Some who choose a traditional registry will have a cloud of anxiety that follows them throughout their honeymoon, knowing what a mammoth task of opening, storing, and replying to guests awaits when they return.

    Using a honeymoon registry, you'll find it simple to create any gift for your guests to fund while keeping track of which guests contributed to gifts. When you're ready, quickly thank them with a personal message and image of your gift or trip.

  9. 9. Receive money when you need it most

    Many couples are now bucking traditions and paying for their wedding themselves, which often cuts into their honeymoon budget. By using a honeymoon registry, your guests will view your registry well before the actual wedding day, with a portion purchasing a gift as soon as they receive the wedding invitation.

    With a steady stream of cash contributions arriving in your bank account, it can relieve some of the financial pressure many couples go through leading up to the big day.

    It might just mean you will be able to get that extra few nights at that jaw-dropping hotel, or the special dinner you wouldn't usually book yourselves, making your honeymoon as unique as possible with no financial burden.

  10. 10. Your guests will love it

    We all live busy lives, so it's natural to look for the most convenient solution to solve any problem. Your guests are no different. While it's important to consider your needs first, it's just as important to provide guests with the most accessible option available.

    Things like; having the ability to pay with a credit card, ease of use on a mobile device, and creating gifts that are thought out and personal.

    If you want your honeymoon registry to be as beautiful as websites such as; Squarespace, or Airbnb, and to have a checkout experience as seamless and Amazon, explore a sample registry from Hitchd - and see why it's the best honeymoon registry option for 2019.

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