Hitchd is a new type of honeymoon registry for the modern couple
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  • When will I receive the contributions from my guests?
    • Funds are transferred to you directly from our payment processor, Stripe. Your first payout is made 7-10 days after your first contribution is received. Subsequent payouts are within 2 working days. We'll always notify you by email when a guest contributes to a gift.

  • Why is there a service fee?
    • To help cover the costs of running Hitchd, we charge guests an 8% service fee every time they contribute towards a gift. This fee is inclusive of a 2.8% payment processor charge we just can't avoid. The charge can be paid by guests, split equally, or absorbed by you. To be as transparent as possible, we always display the fee clearly to guests during the contribution process.

  • If I choose to cover, or split, the service fee, how do I pay?
    • If you choose to split or absorb the fee, the funds will simply be deducted from the total contribution amount you receive.

  • Will I receive contribution receipts?
    • Yes, you can find a receipt of all contributions from the Contributions section of your Hitchd account. From there, you will also find detailed information about the contributor, wish, service fee and gift contribution.

  • What currency are gifts charged?
    • We support most major international currencies, with more added regularly. You set the currency once your registry is created and can change it up until the first contribution is received.

  • What are the accepted payment methods for guests?
    • Guests can contribute using Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.


  • What is a honeymoon registry?
    • A honeymoon registry is the best way to create and fund any gift for your honeymoon, from experiences to flights and beyond. Instead of receiving unwanted gifts, guests can help Kickstart your adventure of a lifetime by contributing any amount towards your gifts.

  • How many gifts should I create?
    • Hitchd lets you create any number of gifts. Your gifts may vary depending on the type of honeymoon. We've found a typical registry on Hitchd to have an average of between 10-20 gifts of different value.

  • When should I start creating gifts?
    • Many guests like to contribute to gifts early, while others tend to leave it to the last minute. It can pay to start your Hitchd registry as soon as possible, to take advantage of early contributions and put your funds to good use.

  • How do I inform guests about my registry?
    • Your registry will have a unique address (i.e., www.hitchd.com/yournames) which you can share with guests. Some great ways of sharing your registry are to include your unique address on your wedding website or invitations. Your registry will be publicly available as soon as you publish it.

  • How much detail show I go into on my registry?
    • You can go into as much, or little, detail as you wish. Guests love learning more about you, your trip and your gifts, so we suggest providing as much detail as possible, so they feel part of your experience.

  • What if some gifts are not fully funded?
    • While gifts being completely funded are a bonus for you, it's not required in order to receive your guest contributions. If you have a gift with a total value of $500 and receive a $400 contribution, you will receive $400 (minus any applicable service fee) within two working days.


  • Why not just receive money at my wedding?
    • Receiving cash the night before you depart for your trip makes it challenging to keep track of contributions and adds the risk of loss or theft. It also makes it hard to pre-pay portions of your trip ahead of time. With Hitchd, you can keep track of contributions and have access to your funds when it matters most.

  • Who can contribute to my gifts?
    • Anyone with a valid Visa, Mastercard, or American Express can contribute to your gifts. If a guest international, their contribution will automatically be converted to the currency of your registry.

  • Should guests be computer savvy?
    • Hitchd makes it easy for guests to contribute towards your gifts. They explore your registry, select a gift and follow the contribution instructions. We'll even send them a contribution receipt and confirmation email.

  • How long can I keep my registry?
    • Your registry will be available for as long as you like. You can delete it at any time, for any reason. Please contact us, and we'll let you know as soon as it's done.

  • What is the best way to thank a guest?
    • We provide couples with the most personal way to thank guests for their contribution by sending a private thank you message along with an image of your gift of from your trip.

  • Can I delete my registry?
    • You can delete your registry at any time, for any reason — no questions asked. Simply contact us and we'll let you know when it's done.

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Ready to get started?

Start your free registry