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What makes Hitchd the best Zola alternative

With gorgeous visuals, unrivaled flexibility, and ease of use, Hitchd has everything you need to make your big adventure a reality.

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Like most couples, you've probably come across Hitchd and Zola while trying to find the best honeymoon registry for your wedding. We're here to give you the low down on both registries and explain why Hitchd is the best Zola alternative. Aside from being beautiful, modern, and easy to use, there are many more reasons to choose Hitchd. Here's why.

A registry your guests will love

You're going to love Hitchd. Couples who value quality design and aesthetics will adore the ability to create their own unique honeymoon registry on Hitchd. Choose from designer-selected fonts and registry layouts, industry-leading gift templates, and millions of hi-resolution images and looping videos.

A couples spa date

What is Hitchd?

Hitchd is a honeymoon registry that does things a little differently from the stuffy traditional bridal registries. We like to think of it as the modern couple's choice. Couples love Hitchd because it makes it dead simple for wedding (or elopement) guests to give cash gifts towards literally any gift the couple can imagine; physical items, experiences, and funds. Couples get all the benefits of a traditional wedding website, but Hitchd makes the experience incredibly seamless and personal.

What is Zola?

Zola is a wedding platform that offers multiple services; registry, guest list, RSVP, and more. Zola's registry mainly focuses on traditional items from one of their many store partners (think; Crate and barrel, Le Creuset) but also offer the ability to create cash funds and experiences. This all-in-one service has been around since 2013 and brings a wealth of wedding planning experience to couples in the United States.

The best reason to choose Hitchd over Zola is that guests absolutely love it, and they'll thank you for making their gift giving easier.

Why Hitchd is the best Zola alternative

Besides its modern interface, stunning design, and superior user experience, Hitchd is a global product supporting multiple languages. Couples can create and fund any gift they can imagine, send personalized thank you cards (both digital and physical) to contributors, and conveniently manage their gifts in one location. Hitchd also offers more payment methods than any other registry online. With Hitchd, couples can accept all types of payments from guests; Credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Wise, Zelle, Revolut, and even Bitcoin.

It's also hard to find a more time-consuming and stressful task than wedding planning and honeymoon planning, which is why so many couples like the idea of using online registries to help get ahead of the game. If you're looking for an easy-to-use service that can help get you started on this process, then Hitchd and Zola are the leading registries that can get you from zero to funded in the quickest time possible, leaving time to focus on what matters the most.

Payments. Your way

Hitchd allows couples to accept payments from all modern payment processors; Credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Wise, Zelle, Revolut, and even Bitcoin. Guests can even bring cash or cheques on the day. You can even receive cash or cheques on the day. Use as many as you like so guests can pay however they wish.

A veriety of payment options on Hitchd

Registry on the run

Hitchd works perfectly in any situation, across all screens and devices — So your last-minute gifters won't be left out. Refinery29 voted Hitchd as having the best mobile experience out of every registry.

A Hitchd registry on a cell phone

Hitchd versus Zola: What are the similarities?

When it comes to planning your registry, there are plenty of options available to you. You can go the old-school route and register at a department store yourself, or you may prefer to use a service like Hitchd or Zola to get a honeymoon registry where you can fund your big adventure. The two services offer some similarities when it comes to features, but it's the overall aesthetic and ease of use that sets Hitchd apart from Zola.

Gift flexibility

While both Hitchd and Zola let couples add any type of gift to their registry, Zola tends to focus more on physical (traditional) gifts through their many store partnerships, while Hitchd focuses on receiving cash gifts for experiences and funds. In terms of flexibility and customization, Hitchd allows couples to choose from millions of hi-resolution gift images and looping video covers, while Zola offers a much more limited range of options.

Registry customization

When it comes to adding unique touches to your registry, both Hitchd and Zola offer plenty of options. Zola has a vast amount of pre-made website templates to choose from, whereas Hitchd has a smaller, highly curated set of modern layouts and designer-selected fonts.

Limitless possibilities

Hitchd makes it easy to create any type of gift, cash fund, experience, or charitable donation for guests to fund. The possibilities are endless.

An array for experiences for couples to choose

Simple and safe

Guests can choose any amount of money to contribute, to any gift, safely and securely directly to their bank account. No catches.

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What is the biggest difference between Hitchd and Zola?

Hitchd and Zola are both wedding websites, but they differ in features, price, and price. As a wedding platform, Zola has lots to offer couples who are looking for a quick fix for their wedding website, RSVP, and guest list. However, Hitchd is prettier, easier to use, and has more payment options for guests.

Zola reviews versus Hitchd reviews

Hitchd reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with plenty of couples around the world using the site reporting being happy with the experience. Zola reviews seem to be positive, with 90% of Google reviews being 5-star and 84% of Wedding Wire reviews also 5-star, with only a very small number of one-star reviews. However, on Trustpilot, which is a review platform that's open to everyone, the feedback left was an underwhelmingly negative 1.5/5.

4.7/5 — Hitchd Trustpilot reviews 1.5/5 — Zola Trustpilot reviews

Make it yours

Access over a million stunning, high-definition images and video loops to help create your unique one-of-a-kind registry. With designer-curated fonts and layout choices, Hitchd has you covered. Using Hitchd's honeymoon registry wording generator, you can word your registry with ease to save time for the things that matter.

A modern font being changed by a user

Hitchd versus Zola: Which is Better?

Zola is one of the most popular wedding registries, but there is a new player in town. The Hitchd advantage offers all of the same features as Zola, but it also includes more options and support for couples who don’t want to pay for them. If you are searching for a Zola alternative, Hitchd offers world-class design, ease of use, and true flexibility to create any type of gift you can imagine. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Hitchd is simple to understand for guests. Guests can give cash gifts towards the couple's gifts without having to download an App, get spammed by marketing or partner emails, or create an account. It's as simple as choosing an amount to give, writing a short wish, and entering their card details.
  • Hitchd offers complete flexibility when it comes to gift giving. Guests can choose to contribute any amount from $1 to $10,000, which keeps them on budget.
  • Hitchd will never take a cut of your contributions. Unlike other registries, we believe all the money couples earn should go directly to them.
  • Hitchd offers an unrivaled experience. Couples can keep track of all their contributions and funds in one place, taking the stress out of having to stay up to date and knowing who to thank.

What guests are saying about Hitchd

What guests are saying about Hitchd

'Excellent' 4.6/5 on Trustpilot
"If Apple was a honeymoon registry, it'd be Hitchd!"
Sarah H.
United States
"Hitchd is fantastic! Looks so beautiful and modern, there was no contest between this and the other registries out there. Easy for me and my guests."
Anne M.
United States
"If Apple had a honeymoon registry, it'd be Hitchd!"
Andy Y.
United States
"Easy to use! Would recommend to others."
Tony K.
United Kingdom
"Easy as pie..."
Misha P.
United States
"I loved it! The interface was easy end just straight to the point. It also has a very clean look."
Wisland L.
United Kingdom
"Incredibly easy to use, fantastic layout and simple payment platform!"
Charlotte A.
"First time I've experienced Hitchd. Super impressed with how classy it looks and how easy was to donate."
Lisa T.
"Great platform with creative options for gift giving!"
United States
"Great website and idea for those getting married who already have everything they need but a much needed escape from real life."
Dina V.
New Zealand
"Very easy to navigate."
Keila K.
"A nice easy way to contribute to an experience as a gift."
Inger T.
United Kingdom
"Hitchd saved us time, stress, and debt! Can't recommend it enough."
Kelly P.
"Quick and easy using Hitchd to give a gift for my sisters wedding. We can be confident that they will love what they receive!"
Kara N.
"Very convenient. Loved it!"
Debbie L.
United States
"The perfect way to gift to couples! Very easy!"
Kathy B.
United States
"Great idea and easy to use."
Neil B.
United Kingdom
"You managed to make receiving money feel personal and we've so grateful we found Hitchd."
Allie A.
"Hitchd was a quick and easy process."
Mary O.
"Easy to figure out and even easier to collect money for our honeymoon."
Jen B.
New Zealand

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