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Earn USD $20 for every couple you successfully refer to Hitchd.

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How it works

Hitchd has become the leading choice for modern couples who are looking for a unique and personalized way to fund their dream honeymoon. We are committed to simplifying the honeymoon planning experience and do so by offering a service that truly reflects each couple's journey.

By partnering with Hitchd, you can be part of this exciting journey. You will not only help couples create unforgettable memories but also benefit with a rewarding affiliate opportunity. Join us in transforming the way couples plan and fund their honeymoons.

1. Sign Up

Join a growing community of wedding bloggers and professionals earning passive income through the Hitchd affiliate program.

Become a Partner

2. Recommend

Promote Hitchd on your digital platforms like websites, blogs, emails, or social media using the provided links and creative materials.

3. Earn

Earn a USD $20 commission for each couple that signs up for a paid plan on Hitchd using your affiliate link.

Serious cash is made on Hitchd

Old-school wedding registries weren't made for today's couple. But Hitchd is. We're a non-traditional honeymoon registry that makes it simple for couples to fund their dream honeymoon.

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World-Class Registry

Pioneering experience-first honeymoon planning with top-tier design.

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Premium Offering

Hitchd is a luxury platform resulting in higher commission possibilities.

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High Conversion Rate

Over 18% conversion rate, enhancing the affiliate commission earnings.

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Global Reach

To date we've assisted over 28,000 couples in 29 countries with their registry.

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How to get started

Access creatives

Once accepted as a Hitchd affiliate partner, you'll gain access to our affiliate resources on ShareASale, including commission and payment tracking. You'll also have access to our private Google Drive folder, which contains promotional copy and images for use in your Hitchd promotions.

Start promoting

Share your Hitchd affiliate link on platforms like your blog, social media, website, and emails to promote Hitchd. ShareASale will monitor the traffic you generate and ensure you get your commission for any sales made through your referrals.

Become a Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hitchd Affiliate Partner Program?

The Hitchd Affiliate Partner Program rewards partners for referring new users to Hitchd. Affiliates can earn commissions by sharing Hitchd through links or banners on their digital platforms. The program uses ShareASale for tracking and payments, crediting affiliates for sales made within a certain period after the user's first visit. This program is an opportunity to earn passive income while promoting a unique honeymoon funding platform.

Who should I refer?

The ideal referrals for Hitchd are couples planning their honeymoon, typically engaged or considering honeymoon plans. Hitchd caters to a global audience, so referrals can come from anywhere in the world.

What platform do you use to manage affiliate payments?

Hitchd's Affiliate Partner Program is hosted by ShareASale. Affiliates need to register on ShareASale to receive trackable links and access their commission dashboard, ensuring transparency and 24/7 access to affiliate stats.

How much commission can I earn?

For every couple who signs up to Hitchd and purchases a plan, you'll get a USD $20 commission. There are no limits to the number of people you can refer, or commission earned.

When and how will I get paid?

When you sign up for the Hitchd Affiliate Partner Program, you'll be able to choose to have payments sent by direct deposit into your bank account. Payments are generally sent once a month.

What if I want to know more?

If you're interested in learning more about the Hitchd Affiliate Partner Program or have specific questions, the best approach is to contact Hitchd directly. You can reach out via email or use the contact form on their website.