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Here are the top 10 gifts ideas for your honeymoon registry

Ollie, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Oct 03, 20218 min read

Honeymoon registries like Hitchd have exploded in popularity over the years. As more couples live together before tying the knot, many of them have already started establishing their homes and buying nice sheets, towels, coffee machines and vacuums together — you know, all the items that would traditionally be on a department store wedding registry.

Because so many couples have these items already, they would prefer that their guests give honeymoon experiences as gifts. These gifts are just as meaningful, and they allow the couple to enjoy the honeymoon they’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to get started, here are the top 10 gift ideas for your honeymoon registry that will excite guests and provide you and your partner with an amazing honeymoon experience.

1. Cash fund

A cash fund is a type of gift that acts like a card box at a wedding reception. Guests can contribute whatever amount they would like, no minimums or maximums, and the couple can decide how they’d like to spend the money.

Cash funds can be great catch-alls for guests who might be on a budget or who aren’t particularly close to you or your partner but still want to wish you well, such as a group of coworkers or a friend of your parents. There’s no minimum, so guests won’t feel pressured to give an amount they can’t afford. If other less expensive gifts on your registry have already been chosen, the cash fund makes it easy for coworkers or other acquaintances to give an amount that makes them feel comfortable.

Tip for building a cash fund on Hitchd: The most successful cash funds at Hitchd have a purpose for how the money will be spent, such as:

  • Down payment on a house;
  • Baby furniture and items, or;
  • Charity fundraiser.

Choosing a purpose for your cash fund reassures guests that the money they give will go towards building you and your partner’s future or at least a good cause — not just to pay your electricity bill.

2. Theater, concert or sports tickets

If you and your partner plan to head to a big city for your honeymoon, then you’ll want to catch a show or see your favorite sports team play while you’re there. There’s nothing more romantic than a candle-lit dinner together at a nice restaurant and then taking in a play together, but if you two are more casual, then a few burgers before the big game or seeing your favorite band live can be just as fun and romantic.

Once you decide on the timeframe of your honeymoon, look up concert, theater and sports tickets in the area to see what’s available. Half the fun of a honeymoon is trying something new together, so even if your favorite band won’t be playing, try looking for new acts you’ve never heard of or singers and musicians that you’d otherwise skip. You may discover a singer you’ve previously overlooked — or create a hilarious new memory by seeing a play that was just terrible.

Tip for adding theater, concert or sports tickets on Hitchd: Explain to guests what play, concert or game you plan to catch and why it is meaningful to you and your partner. When guests know how much this means to the two of you, they’ll feel invested in helping you see this singer or musician that you’ve been dying to see together. If you’re going to see your favorite team play, talk about your shared love of the team and how cheering for the players has brought the two of you closer together.

3. Airfare

For those who plan to travel far and wide, you’ll need to catch a plan to get there. Airfare may not be the most exciting gift on a honeymoon registry, but it’s an important one. Airfare is notoriously expensive, even for those who hunt deals online. When you have guests that help you pay for your flights, you’ll feel secure in your budget.

Tips for adding airfare on Hitchd: Most people know what it’s like to fly in a plane, but you can still entertain them with stories about how the two of you plan to spend your time at the airport and on the plane. Where will the two of you eat or have a pre-flight cocktail in the terminal? Who’s got the window seat? How long will the flight take and how will you pass the time? Little details can go a long way towards making guests feel included.

On Hitchd, guests can opt to purchase part of a gift if they choose because we believe every guest should feel like they can contribute whatever they feel comfortable. You should also break down this gift into smaller gifts. Using Hitchd, you will enter in the total amount for the flights (let's say $2,000) and then break that total down into smaller gift sizes, such as $100 or $150. No one will feel expected to pay the total amount, and you’ve just created 20 gifts out of one big one.

4. Dinner and drinks

Trying new foods and cuisines together can be a real bonding experience for any couple, and if you’re on your honeymoon, then you’re definitely not cooking at home.

Dinner is a popular gift for honeymoon registries because guests love to treat couples to a romantic dinner together. For foodies and those who love to try new food, the dinner and drinks gift feels more meaningful than airfare or other gifts on the list.

Tips for adding dinner on Hitchd: To really get guests excited, research a few restaurants where you plan to eat and post photos and links to them in the description. Tell guests which items on the menu you plan to try and why you chose that specific restaurant. This may seem like extra work, but it can go a long way towards making guests feel included and appreciated when they give their gift.

Like airfare, you can also break down this cost into small gift amounts. Estimate the total amount you’ll probably spend on dinners (about $50 to $70 depending on where you go and whether or not you order alcohol), and divide it by the number of days of your trip. That will give you a gift number.

5. Car or bike rental or public transportation

Once you’re at your destination, you’ll need some way to get around, where that’s by bike, car or public transportation.

A lot of major cities now have bike rental docks around the city and in most of the major tourist spots. They can be fun, unique ways to see the city from different perspectives. Public transportation is also a great option for getting around, and it makes you feel like a local when you’re moving around.

You probably won’t need — or want — to rent a car, but if you plan to travel far from your hotel or rental home, then you’ll need a car to get around. Before you decide, check with your hotel to see if they have shuttles or can recommend a taxi service instead.

Tip for adding transportation on Hitchd: Research your options before adding your gift. You might think you’ll need a car but find yourself pleasantly surprised by your public transportation options.

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6. A splurge-worthy home good

At Hitchd, we see a lot of couples add one or two home goods to their honeymoon registries. These are usually more expensive home goods, such as a nice coffee machine or a vacuum cleaner built for a pet-friendly home.

It’s no secret that some wedding guests will always prefer to buy the couple a physical gift over an experience gift, so adding a few home goods gift to your honeymoon registry can give those guests something they feel comfortable giving.

When choosing your home good gift, pick an item that has meaning to you and your partner. If you’re both coffee addicts, then a high-powered coffee machine with all the bells and whistles will feel meaningful to give as a guest. You could also add an expensive sheet set to make your bed feel more luxurious or even a grill for your deck if the two of you love to cook. Whatever you choose, explain why it’s meaningful and not just any old gift.

Tip for adding a home good on Hitchd: When writing your description, include a link directly to the item you plan to purchase so guests understand what exactly you want. When guests “buy” the gift, they actually send you the money so you can go out and buy it yourself. Make this clear in your description so you don’t confuse your guests.

7. City or sightseeing tour

Taking a tour can seem gitchy and just too touristy, but there are plenty of classic and unique tours to choose from wherever you are. If you’re travelling to Rome, then you can’t pass up a tour of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, but you can also find food tours, walking tours and even haunted tours.

Taking a walking tour in a new city can also help you get your bearings about where you are and where some of the local hotspots are. You might walk past cafes and restaurants that you’ll want to check out later or see shops and bars you’ll want to return to when the tour is over. Tour guides can also be fountains of knowledge if you want to avoid the touristy spots that are overpriced and underwhelming. Your tour guide can point you to quieter spots that local love or advise you on other attractions that are definitely worth a visit.

Tip for adding city or sightseeing tours on Hitchd: Do your research before you go and choose at least two tours. Post the links in the gift description so guests can check them out on their own time and get excited to send you off. When you write out your thank-yous (Hitchd keeps track of who sent what), tell your guest how much you loved the tours.

8. Accommodations

You can’t go on a honeymoon without having somewhere to sleep every night. A beautiful hotel, report or Airbnb can really make a honeymooning couple feel pampered, and there are all sorts of options to choose from no matter where you go. While some resorts can feel isolating, there are many boutique hotels that offer a luxurious stay but without making guests feel so cut off from the rest of the city or region.

You can also find Airbnbs in cities and countries around the world. If you’d rather have a place with a kitchen to fix breakfast in the morning, then an Airbnb might be a better fit, and it might save you some extra money, depending on where you are.

Tips for adding accommodations on Hitchd: Like airfare, accommodations can be a somewhat boring gift for some guests — unless you tell them about your hotel, resort, Airbnb or rental home. Add photos and links to your accommodations to show guests the luxury you’ll be enjoying and they’ll get excited to send you off.

9. Zip lining, snorkling or other adventure excursions

The best part about a honeymoon is experiencing something new and exciting with your partner. You’ve just committed yourselves for life, and now it’s time to try something neither of you has ever done before.

You don’t want to be sitting inside your hotel room all day, so make time for some adventure tours that get you and your partner out and moving. You might try zip lining or snorkeling, if they’re available, but you can also do hiking and kayaking tours to get yourselves moving. Many tour companies in large cities will offer packages for these types of excursions that include transportation, any equipment and a guide. You can go solo or with a larger group.

Tips for adding adventure excurions on Hitchd: If you’re unsure about which excursion you plan to book, list two and let guests know you’ll be doing one of them. When you write your thank-yous, include photos and describe your experience to the guest who gave you the gift.

10. Spa day

At the end of the day, a honeymoon should be all about relaxing, kicking back and de-stressing after the wedding — and there’s no better way to relax than a luxurious massage or a soothing facial.

Guests love giving spa packages, partly because they want to live vicariously through the couple. Everyone knows how refreshing a day at a spa can feel, and they want to send the happy couple off feeling relaxed and refreshed. Couples have a wide variety of services to choose from, including massages, facials, mud baths, manicures and pedicures.

Tips for adding a spa day on Hitchd: Create either a single spa-day fund or add each service individually. This is a popular gift — what guest doesn’t want to pamper the happy couple — so selecting two services apiece gives guests even more options.

No matter which gifts you include on your honeymoon registry, what matters most of all is your gratitude. Each description should include some kind of thank-you to anyone generous enough to give. Gratitude should be at the center of your honeymoon registry.

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