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Where to go for your honeymoon in 2020 — according to Airbnb

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Jan 10, 20205 min read

It's a new year, and engaged couples tying the knot are ready to plan their dream honeymoons. But while you may have the wedding venue and caterer locked down, it's now time to decide where to spend your first days as a married couple together. For that big decision, you're going to need some help from Airbnb.

The travel website released its top travel destinations for 2020, and there are some amazing honeymoon destinations not to be missed. Here are the top 2020 honeymoon destinations that travelers love and honeymooners won't want to leave.

Bilbao, Spain

Looking out onto Spain from a crack in the wall
Bilbao, Spain

You can't go wrong with a honeymoon in Madrid or Barcelona, but if you're looking to go somewhere a little off the beaten path in Europe, Bilbao offers culture, dining and stunning architecture. Located in the northern part of Spain, Bilbao sits near the Bay of Biscay, which means day trips to the beach for you and your spouse. Bilbao is also a port city, which means it offers the best of fine dining and local favorites. This top 2020 honeymoon destination is home to a Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum — perfect for any couple who's dying to take in a museum.

Can't-miss activities in Bilbao, Spain

For any couple who loves admiring beautiful architecture and seeing great works of art, Bilbao's museum scene is not to be missed. There's the Guggenheim Museum, which houses some of the most amazing exhibits presented in creative ways, and there's also Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts, where you and your spouse can see Picasso's work and discover the works of local artists.

And when you're done touring museums, book the High-End Bilbao Food Tour to discover the top hidden gems of the city and how to eat like a local.

Buriram, Thailand

Three villagers riding bikes through a green ricefield
Buriram, Thailand

Thailand has been a top honeymoon destination in 2020 thanks to its gorgeous beaches, delicious food and unforgettable scenery, and Buriram is the providence to visit. Buriram rests just 90 minutes from the Cambodian border — perfect for day trips — and a short plane ride from Bangkok. To discover the rich culture of Buriram, plan a visit to Phantom Run Historic Park and see the Khmer ruins, or for the more adventurous, head to the Chang International Circuit and catch a Motorcross race that will leave your heart pumping.

Can't-miss activity in Buriram, Thailand

Stay close to the Chang International Circuit at the charming X2 Vibe Buriram Hotel. This gorgeous hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and gardens (including rooms with a view) and a restaurant on-site. Relax by the pool, and then get ready to see all Buriram has to offer.

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Guadalajara, Mexico

a neon sign saying 'Mia amore, Mexico!' on a print pink wall
Guadalajara, Mexico

Mexico City may be the country's largest city, but for a 2020 honeymoon destination, Guadalajara takes home the prize. Known for its beautiful architecture, its bike-friendly streets and festivals, Guadalajara slows down where Mexico City speeds up. The city is also the birthplace of tequila and Mariachi music, so you know you and your partner will be in for a good time.

Can't-miss activity in Guadalajara, Mexico

If there's one tour not to miss in Guadalajara while on your fabulous 2020 honeymoon, it's the Jose Cuervo Express tour. This 11-hour tour takes you out of the city to noted tequila distiller Jose Cuervo's agave fields and then on to the distillery itself to see how tequila is made. Filled with other cool sites and activities, this is a favorite among honeymooners in 2020.

Cali, Colombia

A shop selling traditional bags and masks
Cali, Colombia

A cultural hotspot of South America, Cali blends indigenous, European and African cultures together for a 2020 honeymoon destination that crackles with excitement and energy. If you and your spouse love to go out and explore the nightlife, then Cali may be your perfect 2020 honeymoon destination. This vibrant city is the third-largest in the country and is the birthplace of salsa dancing.

Can't-miss activity in Cali, Colombia

Want to really learn how to salsa dance? Book a 10-hour private lesson with Swing Latino to learn how to do it right. You'll get one-on-one time with a private instructor who will help you and your partner master the steps.

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Tokyo, Japan

Traditional Japanese restaurant in suburbia
Tokyo, Japan

There's never been a better time to visit Tokyo — it's about to become home to the 2020 Summer Olympics, making it a cannot-miss honeymoon destination for 2020. Far from the beaches, Tokyo offers one-of-a-kind experiences unmatched in other cities, and its cultural and cuisine options cannot be matched. Whether you want to spend a day exploring Mount Fuji or riding attractions at Disneyland Tokyo (or both!), you and your partner will never be bored.

Can't-miss activity in Tokyo, Japan

No trip to Tokyo is complete without a day trip to Mount Fuji. This Mount Fuji, Hakone, Lake Ashi Cruise and Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo lasts 11 hours and takes you to all the beautiful spots around the great mountain. Your guide will share the history of the locations you visit and keep you moving on your cruise across Lake Ashi and up the Mount Komagatake Ropeway. Japan is a great place to experience by train since there are always beautiful sights to be taken in. Rail passes are cheap and a must for any adventurous couple.

Malindi, Kenya

Sunset hitting an African tree in the middle of a deserted field
Malindi, Kenya

Of all the top 2020 honeymoon destinations, Malindi in Kenya may be one of the most exciting. This stunning coastal village is ideal for couples who plan to dive or just spend the day exploring by the beach. You'll meet exciting aquatic life at the Malindi Marine National Park, and for those ready to get off the beach, Hell's Kitchen, the amazing canyon located just 50 minutes away, cannot be missed.

Can't-miss activity in Malindi, Kenya

While Hell's Kitchen shouldn't be missed, you can't go wrong with a trip to Malindi Marine National Park. This fantastic park and reserve is home to fish, sea turtles, coral and even dolphins, and couples can book a ride on a glass-bottom boat to see below or go snorkeling and dive in themselves. This 2020 honeymoon destination also has a campsite, so if you're up for a night of roughing it, this is the ultimate camping experience.

For all of these top honeymoon destinations, you can start raising the cash for your dream honeymoon with a honeymoon fund from Hitchd. Hitched makes it easy for couples to build a personalized honeymoon registry and filled it with hotels, activities and tours from all the destinations on this list. With Hitchd, you and your partner can experience the dream honeymoon you've always wanted, and your guests will be thrilled to send you to send off on your next romantic adventure.

Whether you want to laze on a beach, explore a city or visit historical sites, these top 2020 honeymoon destinations offer a little bit for everyone. No matter where you and your partner wish to journey, these hotspots will provide an unforgettable experience.

Get your dream honeymoon funded by guests. Start your registry

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