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Your Ultimate Guide to How to write a wedding website stress-free

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie Rozdarz
Nov 25, 201913 min read

No matter what type of couple you and your partner consider yourselves to be — modern, traditional, maybe somewhere in the middle — building a wedding website has become a staple of any nuptial. Its popularity likely stems from two main needs: Important information regarding the shower, wedding registry, honeymoon fund and wedding day festivities, and more details about the couple.

Before the age of the internet, most people sent out save-the-dates and invitations with all the necessary shower, registry and wedding details, but many of those details got lost along the way. Sometimes, invitations wouldn't make it to their destinations or someone might throw out a save-the-date by mistake. With a wedding website, all of that information is safely stored on the internet where anyone can access it at ay time of day, and since many people prefer to shop online or contribute to honeymoon funds, a wedding website puts everything in one place.

For many couples, the wedding website also acts as an introduction to the couple and their story. Some wedding guests may live far and might have never met the partner who is about to join the family. Some people like to invite friends from university who have kept in touch but never got the chance to meet their friend's partner. A wedding website, which often shares the couple's love story as well as photos of them together, helps guests get to know the other half of the couple.

When you're stressed out planning your wedding, building a wedding website can seem like the last thing you want to do, but not only is it easy once you decide what to write on a wedding site, but it can also be a lot of fun for couples.

Here is our ultimate guide on what to write on a wedding site and how to bring your photos, important information, wedding registry and honeymoon fund together on a beautiful site.

Determining what to write on your wedding site

When it comes to what to write on your wedding site, the sky is the limit. You don't have to follow an official outline, and you can share as much information as you'd like.

Here are a few popular pages that you might like to include when deciding what to write on your wedding site:

  • Your love story:
    Every couple has their own charming meet-cute story. This is your chance to share it with your guests. As mentioned, some of your wedding guests might know you very well, but they might not have met your partner. This page shares your love story and often includes details about what you like to do together and your common interests.
  • Your bridal party:
    The people you choose to stand up with you at your wedding are often your closest siblings, cousins and friends, but to some people at your wedding, they're perfect strangers. With a bridal party page, you can introduce each person and explain what makes them so special to you.
  • Wedding-day details:
    All of your wedding-day details — date, time, and location, should all be accessible in one place. Even if your guests lose their invites, they'll always be able to find them online.
  • Wedding registry and honeymoon fund:
    Many wedding sites will allow you to link your wedding registries to your wedding site. This gives guests easy access when they're deciding what gift to get you. Sites like Hitchd will also help you build a honeymoon fund, which allows guests to contribute funds to your honeymoon, and let them be part of your honeymoon experience.

Depending on your and your partner, you may use decide to use all or just some of these pages ideas when determining what to write on your wedding site. Every couple is different, so decide on what works best for the two of you.

Then it's time to get building! Building a wedding site will probably take about an hour to complete, but if you're a fast writer or if you tag-team who is writing which page, the experience can be more fun for you and go a little quicker.

How to write your love story

It's not uncommon for wedding guests to not know how the couple met. Even those who know you best — parents, aunts, uncles and even close friends — may have forgotten just how the two of you met in the first place. If you've been together for several years, you might have hit several milestones together such as university graduations, moving to a new city, adopting a pet or even buying a home together.

When choosing what to write on your wedding site, all of these moments can come together to share your love story. This page should give wedding guests your highlights without going too much in-depth. In general, all love story pages should have:

  • The meet-cute:
    No matter how you met your partner, you have a story to tell. Wedding guests especially love to "oooh" and "awww" over a couple's meeting story, so share it with your guests.
  • Major milestones:
    Some couples clear several big milestones together before getting married, and many of them bring the couple closer together. Choose two or three of the big milestones and illustrate how you faced them together.
  • Common interests:
    Your wedding guests love knowing what the two of you like to do together and how you spend your time. If you plan to using a honeymoon registry like Hitchd, sharing interests related to where you're going on a honeymoon (if the two of you love hiking together and plan to hike through the rainforest in Costa Rica) can help guests understand why taking this honeymoon is so important to you and feel more connected to the experience they will be giving you.
  • What's next:
    The wedding won't be the end of you and your partner's story. Many guests like to know what your future plans are. Are you going to grad school? Plan to buy a house or start a family? You don't need to go too in-depth, but if you're using a honeymoon fund, for example, you might talk about your honeymoon as if it's your next big adventure. When you share your passion, your wedding guests will feel it.

When deciding what to write on your wedding site, remember to keep it concise. You don't need to write a novel, five or six paragraphs at the most will suffice. Pick out the best parts of your relationship and share them with your guests.

Introducing your bridal party

Your bridal party consists of those who matter most to you. They're the ones you first introduced to your partner, and they were probably the first ones you told when you got engaged. Whether you've known them your whole life or even since college, these people play a vital role in your wedding. Not only will they be standing up with you, but they'll also support you as plan your wedding and go through the natural stressors that every couple does.

Few of your wedding guests will know each and every person in your bridal party, so your bridal party page on your wedding site should introduce each person with a short paragraph. Here are our best tips when deciding what to write on your wedding site:

  • Keep each person's bio short.
    Each member should get at least one paragraph, but that's really all that's necessary.
  • Include his or her relationship with you.
    Your family members may not immediately know who's who on your partner's side, and toasts at the reception may fall flat when guests don't know the relationships within the wedding party. A short explainer will clarify this.
  • Share a favorite memory.
    It doesn't need to be a long memory, just a favorite, a funny or a sweet one. It helps illustrate how much you value your party member.

Trade-off with your partner and have him or her write sections for friends and family members. For a little fun, write bios for each other's party members. It's nice to see couples bonding with each other's friends and family. This changes things up a bit and makes it more entertaining for your guests.

Wedding-day details to include

This may be one of the most important pages on your wedding website — the page with all of the times, dates and details of all things related to your wedding. This could include the wedding shower, the bachelor or bachelorette parties, the wedding and the reception. You can never have too much information, so don't hold back.

Your wedding shower should have the date, time and location easily available. If a parent, sibling or friend is planning it, make sure they provide the details as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can provide links to your wedding registries and honeymoon fund on this page. Many sites like Hitchd let you build your own honeymoon as well as link to other registries you may have with other stores.

You may not need or want to include information about bachelor or bachelorette parties depending on who you plan to invite. Some parties are better planned in a group chat, but if you're having a more casual meet-up at a local bar and you want family members to come, feel free to include it on this page. Again, include times, dates and locations so everyone is clear about where you're meeting at what time.

Perhaps the most imprtant is your wedding details. If you have people coming in from out of town or you plan on getting married at a place separate from your reception, most people want these details given as soon as possible so they can make arrangements. Guests don't like being caught off guard, and they won't appreciate having to kill two hours between the ceremony and the reception that they didn't know about.

When choosing what to write on your wedding site, here are a few tips about wedding details:

  • Specify details about the times, dates and locations.
    Tell your guests a bit about each location. This will help them decide how to dress for your big day. When possible, provide a link to the church, hotel or reception site. There may be more than one site nearby with similar names. This will help clarify where your ceremony or reception will be.
  • A map.
    You may want to draw out a map or take a screenshot from Google Maps.
  • Weather advisories.
    You certainly can't predict the weather a year, six months or even a week out from your wedding, but you should let guests know if you plan to have an outdoor wedding or if any part of the reception will be outside. This will help them decide what to wear.
  • Parking instructions.
    In cities, it can be tough to find parking. If there's a specific lot for people to park in, make sure you give them directions.
  • Nearby hotels.
    If family is coming in from out of town and not staying with friends or family, you can usually get a block of rooms reserved at nearby hotels. Include a link to your hotel of choice, and make sure you contact the hotel and ask for the room rate.
  • Special notes about your wedding.
    Every couple does their wedding in their own way, but it's good to give your guests a heads-up about any specific choices you're making: open bar, a dry wedding, no kids welcome, buffet-style or served dinner. You can do your wedding however you'd like to, just make sure you let your guests know in advance so they can find babysitters or specify if they want a vegetarian meal.

With wedding details, you can never give too much information. Your guests will appreciate your willingness to make enjoying your wedding as easy and pain-free as possible.

How to add your wedding registry or honeymoon fund to your wedding site

Almost all wedding sites will be able to host wedding registries from popular stores, but not every wedding site will let you build your own honeymoon registry at the same time. Sites like Hitchd give you the very best of both worlds, so you can be flexible with your wedding and honeymoon registries.

Adding a wedding registry is simple enough, especially on Hitchd. All you need is the link to your wedding registry from your chosen stores. Provide the link and your wedding registry will be linked to your wedding site, making it easy for guests to jump from your wedding site to your registries.

Creating your own honeymoon registry on Hitchd is also simple enough. Once you've built out the other pages on your site, you can start to focus on creating gifts and setting price points. Some of the most important ones to include when deciding what to write on your wedding site are:

  • Airfare.
    Unless you plan on walking, you'll need help getting from Point A to Point B.
  • Hotels.
    Your home-away-from-home for the duration of the honeymoon could be a gift from a loved one. When listing your hotel, give as many details as possible — what kind of room you'll be in, what the pool looks like, what types of amenities are available at the hotel — all of these details will help guests feel like they're part of the experience.
  • Restaurants and bars.
    You probably know a few restaurants you want to try or some dining experiences, such as a private dinner for two by the beach, you plan on booking. Turn them into gifts and let your guests know what you plan to order.
  • Activities and adventures.
    You won't be staying at your hotel 24/7. You and your spouse might have hiking adventures, snorkeling trips or plans to visit theme parks while on your honeymoon. These costs can be broken down into gifts.

If you shared your common interests on your love story page, then your activities and adventures should be a continuation of that since your honeymoon activities will probably touch on the things you love to do best together. Sharing these tidbits of information make giving honeymoon registry gifts more personal for you guests and more meaningful.

Your gifts should vary in terms of price point. While your parents and grandparents may give generous presents, your friends from college may not have the budget to give you an extravagant present, and your cousins with the newborn baby may not have a ton of extra money to spend on gifts. You can easily break down your honeymoon registry into smaller price points to accommodate all types of guests. Set price points at the $25, $50, $75 and $100 levels to provide guests with lots of options. If they want to spend more, then they can give more than one gift.

Sharing your wedding site with your guests

Once you've finished your wedding website, it's time to share it with your wedding guests and get it out to everyone. Don't forget to:

  • Include the link or information needed to find your site with save-the-dates and invitations.
    Your guests won't use the site if they don't know it's there.
  • Email it out.
    You can do a mass email with all of your contacts and give them the link right in their inbox.
  • Share it on social media.
    For those that never check their email accounts, social media is a great tool for sharing your wedding website. Share the link several times as you get closer so your wedding guests remember to check your site.
  • Give your site and link to your parents or guardians.
    Your family members may ask them for details about your wedding. If they're not sure, they can always direct people to your website.

You don't want to waste all that time building a site that no one knows about. Make sure everyone knows that you have a wedding website, and your friends and family will appreciate having all that knowledge at their fingertips.

Building a wedding website together can be a great bonding experience for any couple about to be married. It's a chance to reminisce about where you've been and — as you build your honeymoon registry — on where you're going.

This is an exciting time for any couple, so don't stress about building a site and wondering what to write on your wedding website. Have fun and enjoy the time you have.

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