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How do I put my honeymoon fund on my wedding website?

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Aug 04, 20226 min read

Your honeymoon fund, also called a honeymooned registry, needs to be connected to your wedding website. It’s important for guests, and it makes the wedding experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved. But what’s the best way to go about doing this?

Here’s how to add your honeymoon fund to your wedding website and other important information you need to know.

Why should I include a honeymoon registry on my wedding website?

If you’re planning your own wedding, then you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. So does it really matter if your gift registry and your wedding website aren’t connected, especially if you haven’t built your honeymoon fund yet? Can’t you just tell people to go to look up you and your partner on Hitchd or Honeyfund?

In theory, sure you could, but you’d be giving yourself more work. Here’s why it’s important to connect your honeymoon registry and your wedding website directly.

Convenient for wedding guests

Doing this work will make life so much easier for your guests. They want to give you a wedding gift, but they don’t have time to hunt through various websites and hope they’ve found the right registry.

If you add your registry to your wedding website, you will take out all of the guesswork for your guests and make the process of buying you a wedding present simple and convenient.

Simplify your wedding work

Speaking of simplifying, doing this work upfront will save you time answering questions from wedding guests who cannot find your registry. They might log onto your wedding website and think that the link you included is broken. In the end, you might end up answering more questions about how to find your honeymoon registry than you would otherwise if you had just included a direct link.

It may seem like an extra step, but adding your honeymoon fund to your wedding website right away will save you more work as the big day draws near. You’ll have fewer questions and more time to spend finishing all of those little details.

What else should I have on my wedding website?

Your gift registry isn’t the only thing you should have on your wedding website. A wedding website should inform guests about every aspect of the wedding so that they know what to wear and what to expect.

Here’s everything else you should also include on your wedding website.

Time, date and location of your nuptials

Start with the most basic information: the time, date and location of your wedding. If you have people coming from different time zones, make sure you specify which one you’re using when you list the time. Some guests might forget to adjust for time changes, so include the time zone just in case.

When listing the location, give the name of the venue, the address and directions for parking or public transportation. If guests will be expected to walk a bit between the venue and the parking lot, let them know so they don’t all arrive five minutes before the event starts and delay everything.

Timings of the big day

You may not have a definite time for every moment of your celebration, but you should provide guests with a general idea of timings. If your ceremony starts at 3 p.m., how long do you expect it to last? If dinner is served at 7 p.m., what will guests have to do for entertainment in the meantime? Or perhaps more importantly, when will food and drinks be served?

Letting guests know this information ahead of time can help them plan whether they’ll eat before the ceremony or what shoes they might wear or leave at home.

Wedding party bios

You know everyone in your wedding party maybe even better than you know yourself, but many of your relatives have never met them. Providing short bios for your maid of honor and best man as well as the rest of the party can make mingling a little more fun for everyone.

Couple’s history

Your friends and family members have all heard versions of how you two got together, but they might not know the whole story or all those fun little details. The couple’s history section on your wedding website should answer:

  • How you two met.
  • A brief history of your romance (when you first said “I love you,” when you moved in together, when you adopted a pet).
  • What you love to do together.
  • Any quirks or funny coincidences.
  • Where you want to go on your dream honeymoon.

How do I add my honeymoon fund to my wedding website?

Adding a honeymoon registry to a wedding website takes very little effort once you have both sites up and running.

Here’s how to add your honeymoon fund to your wedding website.

Step 1: Build your honeymoon fund

You can’t add a honeymoon fund unless you build it first. Luckily, Hitchd makes it a breeze to build a honeymoon registry from scratch. Our platform offers templates for introductions and gifts, so you don’t have to think up unique text for each gift. We also have a library stocked with thousands of stock photos so you can brighten up each gift.

For more on building a honeymoon fund, check out our simple guide here. Remember, you can still go back and add or change gifts after your registry launches, so don’t pressure yourself for perfection.

Step 2: Create a page for it on your wedding website

Now that you have a honeymoon registry ready to go, you need to create an individual page for it on your site. The page doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed, but it should:

  • Thank guests for any gift they’d like to give and remind them that all wedding gifts are completely optional.
  • List your honeymoon registry as well as any other registries you may have created.

Step 3: Cross link your honeymoon registry and your wedding website

Once the page on your website is ready, add the link to your honeymoon fund and publish the page. Now it’ll be easy for guests to find everything they need when they come to your wedding website.

To make it even easier, add a link to your wedding website in the introduction of your honeymoon registry. This will make it easy for guests to go back and forth between your two sites. It will also reassure guests that they have the right honeymoon fund.

Honeymoon funds and wedding etiquette

Because honeymoon funds are fairly new to the wedding world, a lot of questions remain regarding how to tastefully build and promote a honeymoon fund while still abiding by the rules of wedding etiquette. The last thing you want to do is offend your guests who may be less familiar with honeymoon funds, so here’s what you need to know.

Should I include my honeymoon fund on my wedding invitations?

It may seem easier to include the link to your honeymoon fund right on your wedding invitations, but this can come off as tacky and greedy. No guest should ever feel forced to give wedding gifts.

Instead, include the link to your wedding website. Guests will then know where to go for more information, and they can find their way to your registry.

How many gifts should I have on my honeymoon registry?

Traditionally, it’s good to have about twice as many gifts as you have guests. That way, guests will have plenty of options when choosing a wedding gift, and there will be plenty of price points, so no guest will feel stuck giving a gift outside of his or her budget.

For honeymoon funds, Hitchd makes it easy to break up big gifts into multiple smaller gifts. If your hotel is expected to be $1,000, then you can break that down into 10 $100 gifts or 20 $50 gifts. You only needed to build one gift, but you’ve actually created 10 or 20 gifts, which saves you a lot of time.

Can I add a cash fund to my honeymoon registry?

Cash funds are kind of like online money pools. They allow guests to pitch in whatever amount they feel comfortable with, and they’re great catch-alls for guests who pick out their gifts too late or for those well-wishers not invited to the wedding, like coworkers or family friends. You may not be particularly close with these individuals, but they might still want to let you know that they care.

Hitchd makes it easy to add a cash fund to your registry. Check out our complete guide here.

Adding a honeymoon fund to a wedding website is an easy process and one that should be done before the invitations hit the mailboxes. When you make it easy to attend and enjoy your wedding, your guests will look forward to your big day and enjoy their time celebrating this exciting chapter of your life.

Ready to get started with Hitchd? Here’s how to start building your dream honeymoon registry.

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