Hitchd is a new type of honeymoon registry for the modern couple
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Get paid for referring your friends to Hitchd

Every time you refer a friend to Hitchd, you'll both be rewarded with $50 once their registry is funded.

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Share with friends

Refer friends to Hitchd by sharing them the link to Hitchd (www.hitchd.com). We've found this generally works best over Facebook.


Put your feet up

After the couple creates their registry, they can add their referral information by using the button at the bottom of this page, or the referral form.


Get rewarded

Once the registry reaches the minimum funding amount*, both you and the couple will receive $50 each from Hitchd.

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Create a registry

Getting started is simple and only takes seconds. Create gifts choosing from thousands of superbly curated images, or add your own. Once your registry is complete, publish it live.


Share it with guests

Share your registry with guests by adding your unique registry address to your wedding website, invitations, or other forms of media.


Add your referrer

After your registry has been shared, add your referral information. Once your registry reaches the minimum funding amount*, both you and the referrer will receive $50 each from Hitchd.


* To be eligible for this referral offer, the registry must receive a minimum amount of $5,000 in contributions. Referral payouts are made in same currency as the registry (i.e., $AUD, $CAD, $NZD, $USD or £GBP). The average amount of funding a registry received in 2018 was USD $5,500.

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