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Hitchd: The #1 Honeymoon Registry Denmark Has to Offer

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
Jun 28, 20224 min read

Your honeymoon will possibly be the most amazing trip of your lifetime. Times are changing and so are the traditional methods of giving and receiving a wedding gift. There is a new kid on the block. Honeymoon registries in Denmark have grown substantially over the past few years.

In Demark, ‘hygge’ is frequently incorporated into all activities. This belief system holds a sense of appreciation and experience with your environment. It’s not limited to just a time or place. So, with hygge, bringing a sense of experience and adventure to your wedding gift, honeymoon registries sit perfectly within the culture of Denmark.

Traditionally, people will make a wedding registry to allow their guests to gift them specific household items. This was all well and good back in the 50s when typically couples would start to live together only after the knot was tied. With the rise of technology and a digital way of life, honeymoon registries are quickly becoming the modern way of planning travel over purchased gifts.

##What Is a Honeymoon Registry?

With the service Hitchd provides in Denmark, you can break away from the traditional wedding registry and be gifted something you’re really not going to forget. Gifted toasters and bread makers are now but a pastime. Hitchd allows your guests to put towards your honeymoon so you have the experience newlyweds deserve.

Explore a new country or take joy in spending a weekend somewhere local. Whichever destination you decide to visit, your memories and hours of fun will be a true gift. Enjoy a handful of perfect days as a new couple as you plan the private getaway of your dreams.

When sending out the invitations you’ll provide your guests with a personal link to your custom-created webpage. The page includes:

  • An introduction and a short synopsis of the couple
  • Your honeymoon details
  • Key wedding information (time/date, location, seating arrangements)
  • An online RSVP function
  • The honeymoon registry itself

When in the honeymoon registry part of the site guests will then be able to purchase experiences for the happy couple. Whether it’s a street food tour or a night in a luxury hotel, guests feel more comfortable gifting this way as they see firsthand where their money is going.

The Difference Between Traditional Registries

Just like the traditional Kransekage, the wedding cake of Denmark, traditional wedding registries are an out-of-date concept for most couples. There are multiple drawbacks to doing things the traditional way. Below is to name but a few:

  • Boring physical gifts
  • Unneeded or unwanted gifts
  • Potential for buying the same item twice
  • Wasteful & not eco-friendly
  • Guests feel limited

By doing things the 21st century way and using a honeymoon registry there are lots of benefits:

  • Guests feel more comfortable sending cash
  • Guests can see what you use their money on
  • Personalized and assisted with wedding organization
  • Gives you better honeymoon experiences
  • Guests can gift anytime and anywhere

##How They Work**

All honeymoon registries differ in some ways but generally, the below steps need to be completed to get your account set up.

1. Create an Account

Initially, you’ll need to make an account using your email address. Hitchd is free to sign up, but you can later go onto a paid account with extra features. Some other sites do charge fees to sign up. You’ll need to create a strong password and then your account is created.

With Hitchd you will need to connect your bank account in order to continue onto the site. This is so you can receive your money whenever you choose to. There are no transaction fees to withdraw so 100% of your gifted money will be yours.

2. Set Your Personal Website Up

Once you’ve got your account set up you’ll want to create your personalized landing page. Here you’ll write a quick paragraph about you and your fiancé. You can include things like, how you met, why you’re using a honeymoon registry, and where you would like to go on your honeymoon.

Once you’ve set up your page, you’ll want to add your list of gifts. Make sure to add a minimum of 6 gifts as we find that guests have a higher average gift value if you do this. On Hitchd, you can add items like “a stay in one of our favorite hotels,” “a night out on the town,” or even “drinks in the city.”

3. Launch Your Site

So you’re all set and ready for launch at this point. You can now share your link with your friends and family so the contributions start to roll in. Make sure to make the link obvious to people so guests have multiple chances to see the link. For example, include it on your wedding invitations and save the date cards as well as on the big day itself make the link clearly visible. We would suggest adding it to the seating name cards.

Other Features

So the main reason to use a honeymoon registry is to make cash gifting easy and secure for your friends and family. But other than the funding functionality what else do sites like Hitchd provide?

Cash Fund

You can set up an open-ended cash fund. Almost like crowdfunding but you’ll be able to use the money you receive for any other part of your life. Maybe you want to save for a down payment on a house or you’ve got a recent newborn that needs a crib. Your guests can put towards these items too.

Integrate with Traditional Registries

You can opt for a hybrid approach as some honeymoon registry sites allow you to connect the traditional method with the more modern method to get the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Hitchd for Your Wedding

So why is Hitchd different? Hitchd is the number 1 choice for modern couples in Denmark. Compared with the other large wedding registry sites, Hitchd has been voted:

  • Easiest to use
  • Most beautiful and unique
  • Most modern and Flexible
  • Best Mobile Experience
  • Free Award-Winning Photos

We hope to see you on the other side so you can join plenty of your fellow Danes in the world of honeymoon registry websites; the modern approach to wedding gifts.

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