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The Best Honeymoon Registry Sweden Has Seen: Hitchd

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Jun 29, 20225 min read

You and your newly vowed spouse are set to go on your first romantic adventure as a married couple. You’ve been planning your trip to the Swedish Arctic region to visit the Ice Hotel, but having just paid for the wedding, money is looking a bit tight. You can feel the traveler’s joy quickly dissipating.

The potential for a mismatch of physical wedding gifts makes you uneasy, but you don’t want to feel ungrateful. The Swedish honeymoon registry Hitchd is the answer to your doubts.

What Is a Honeymoon Fund Registry?

Swedes like to keep it simple and minimalist on their big day so a huge table of gifts might not fall in line with how they want things to go. Rather than the traditional method of making a wedding registry, a honeymoon registry is essentially like crowdfunding for your honeymoon.

Instead of filling your home with a mismatch of dissonant IKEA items, like china sets and bed linen, you’ll be able to specifically define what your friends and family give you. It’s the 21st-century method of the traditional wedding registry.

How Does a Honeymoon Fund Work?

A honeymoon registry, or honeyfund, provides a platform so that your guests at your wedding can gift you cash for certain aspects of your honeymoon.

Say that you wanted to go to Bali but the airfare is 20000Kr, you could split this down into 20 lots of 1000Kr that can be gifted from individual wedding attendees. It’s really easy to set up, plus it even helps organize your wedding.

Setting Up Your Honeymoon Fund

There are generally three steps to setting up your registry.

  1. Create an account
  2. Create your website
  3. Add your gifts and send out your link

With Hitchd you’ll first need to create a username and password. Following this, you’ll be able to set up your website page with a few pictures, an introduction about you and your fiancé plus details on what your dream honeymoon entails.

After you’ve made your Hitchd site, you can start to add gifts to your registry. Think of things like “shopping day,” “fancy dinner in town,” “wine night in Stockholm,” or “breakfast on the beach.” The world is truly your oyster. Think of whatever ideas make sense for your destination. And remember, keep things fun!

Once it’s all set up then you can send your attendees the link and the cash will start rolling in.

What Are the Benefits?

Are you the couple that is experience-driven? Do you prefer to do things rather than have things? If the answer to these questions is yes then a honeyfund registry is for you. There are lots of benefits to using this type of modern registry.

Pros of Using a Free Registry Sites

  • Friends and family get to be a part of the honeymoon plans
  • Guests don’t have to go out and shop
  • You get to choose the gifts of your style
  • Eco-friendly - no wastage for packaging and no transportation of physical gifts required
  • No unwanted gifts
  • Aids with wedding planning by having RSVP features and other information easily accessible for all
  • Guests don’t have to bring gifts to the wedding
  • Convenient as it is all online and digital - guests can gift at anytime and anywhere
  • Alternative to the traditional wedding registry method
  • Great for newlyweds that already live together and don’t need anything for their house

What Type of Couples Use Them?

You might be wondering whether or not a honeymoon registry makes sense for your wedding. Not to worry, take a look at what types of couples around the world are currently utilizing these modern registries.

Modern Couples

Honeymoon registries are the modern way for couples to arrange gifts at their wedding. These are usually younger couples that already live together. They likely don’t need anything more for their house so the traditional wedding registry method isn’t going to cut it. Instead of selling duplicate items, they’d rather choose a customized honeymoon of a lifetime.

Traditional Couples

Couples that don’t live together before marriage are still commonplace. Following marriage, they often live with family or friends while they save for their first house together. These couples love to use honeymoon registries as they get to spend quality time alone while away. Something that can be hard to come by if you’re still living with your parents.

Experience Over Wedding Gift Couples

Experience-driven couples are the bread and butter when it comes to Hitchd. These couples strive from experiences and generally don’t want material things. Honeymoon registries are the perfect way these couples can live their travel experience dreams.

Mature Couples

Mature couples are usually a little older and have therefore laid the foundations for their life a little more. They have worked for several years and don’t need a house to revamp or a new toaster. Experience-based gifts are an ideal solution for couples that seem to already have everything they need.

Eco-Friendly Couples

Eco-friendly couples don’t like wastage. Physical items aren’t something they strive for and they are happy with what they already have. New isn’t better for these people. By going down the honeymoon registry route, these couples can keep their consciences clear. And their guests still have something special to gift them for the special occasion.

Tips for Creating Your Registry

  • Plan your trip early so guests have enough time to browse your website
  • Create a variety of gifts so that there are different price points allowing everyone to contribute, big or small
  • Share the link with guests on your wedding invites, save the date cards, wedding website, and on your social media
  • Embed the link throughout your wedding day so people can visit the website while at the big event
  • Consider going hybrid and making a traditional wedding registry too for anything else you need
  • The gifts aren’t set in stone, you can always change dates and locations afterward. You receive cash, so you decide on the final purchases

Where Can I Create a Honeymoon Registry in Sweden?

We know that in Sweden it’s a tradition for the bride and groom to walk down the aisle together hand in hand. Just like you and your fiancé, Hitchd will hold your hand before your magical day. We are the number one honeymoon registry in Sweden. You can create an account at and be on your way to the honeymoon you always dreamed of.

Fund memories, not things.

The modern registry where guests fund your dream honeymoon. It's simple and beautiful. Start your registry

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