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The Best Way to Register for Experiences for Your Wedding

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Jan 29, 20234 min read

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. One of the major stress points for many couples comes with the registry details. Between deciding how you receive gifts, what you want, and how to manage a registry process, it’s a lot to handle without the help of registry consultants.

If you’re looking for something different from traditional wedding registries filled with traditional gifts like household essentials, Hitchd offers an innovative solution – registering for a wish list filled with experiences instead of things!

At Hitchd, we believe the best wedding registry should be more than a gift box can hold. Registry sites should celebrate shared memories and meaningful moments. That’s why our platform allows couples to create custom registry pages where they can select experience gifts such as activities, events, or other experiences.

Whether you want big ticket items for wedding gifts or cash gifts contributing to date nights, Hitchd’s registry services have something special in store for your wedding day. Let’s look further at your different wedding gift options and see what registry service would work best for you.

Decide if You Want Traditional Wedding Gifts or a Cash Fund

A traditional wedding gift list is a list of registry items people can get you as presents. You choose places to register, like Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, or many stores for friends and family to choose gifts from. These gifts usually range in price points and include home decor, small appliances, fine china, or furniture.

A cash registry list is when people contribute cash funds instead of more gifts for your wedding. Doing things this way allows you to select experiences, like spa days, cooking classes, food tours, etc. You could even plan for a down payment on a new home or make charitable donations to your favorite nonprofit.

Deciding on the best wedding registry items will vary by couple, though, as there are some positives and negatives to using each method.

Pros and Cons of a Traditional Wedding Registry

The traditional wedding website can help tick all the boxes on your wish list, like fine china or all those other Pottery Barn registry items you’ve been hoping for.

PRO: You can get items you need for the home

Many find places to register, like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or other stores that act as a one stop shop. You’ll be able to select what you need carefully using a universal registry so that wedding guests aren’t picking something you don’t need.

PRO: You can add a variety of items to the list

On a traditional wedding registry, you can add gifts you want. You won’t be restricted to a single store or a random place a guide chooses to get your gift from. You may even be able to get personalized assistance in store.

CON: Difficult to decide if you don’t need anything

Some couples find it challenging to determine which gifts they want and need at different price points. It can be a challenge to provide options at affordable prices for everyone’s budget.

These days, many couples get married when they are already living together. This means that people generally have everything they need for their home before marriage. Finding remaining registry items to include may not be a simple task.

CON: Lots of time to set up

Traditional wedding registries usually require a lot of time and effort to create and think about what you need. You must go into the store, decide what you need, and then go back home and register it all online.

CON: You could get duplicate items from your guests

It’s challenging to track who buys what, so duplicate gifts can occur when you have a wedding registry. Two wedding guests may decide to purchase the same item, and you would only find this out on the day of the wedding.

Pros and Cons of a Cash Fund Wedding Website

Honeymoon wedding registry sites are a great way to ask for larger gifts on your wish list. Think of a down payment on a new car home, or even to help pay for the destination wedding of your dreams.

PRO: Freedom to choose what you want

You can use the money to purchase items or experiences that you want. You will have access to all the funds to decide which gift items you wish to purchase. This allows you to change your mind further down the line if that’s what you want to do.

PRO: Easy to set up & manage

You can save time creating and managing a honeymoon wedding registry. All you need to do is create your registry page and wait for the funds to come in. Using wedding registry sites allows the process to be automated so you can spend more time planning what matters most on your big day.

PRO: No more duplicate items

Since people don’t have to worry about double-buying a physical item, you can rest assured that your guests will be giving you money that you can use to purchase whatever it is you need. With our wedding registry sites keeping track of things, once you hit an individual gift target, people will see this so they can choose a different gift to put money towards.

CON: Some guests may not like giving cash

Your wedding guests may feel uncomfortable sending money to your disposal. But with the use of a honeymoon wedding registry, they will know precisely what they are contributing, so we find that this only happens in rare cases.

CON: Some people prefer physical gifts

Giving money instead of a physical item may not appeal to some friends and family. This could lead to fewer gifts, as people may think it impersonal. But again, this is a rare case because it’s your wedding, so you should be free to choose how you want people to send you gifts.

Whether you have a traditional wedding registry or a cash fund, the most important thing is getting what you need and making memories that will last a lifetime.

You can also combine the two options to give your guests more choices - keep the wedding registry for items you need, then make a cash fund page so they can still contribute what they want.

With Hitchd, you have this option built in. You can add experiential items, down payments, and physical items to your wedding registry. You can also add a charitable donation for your guests to give to a cause close to your heart.

Understand What a Honeymoon Fund Is

What Is a Honeymoon Fund?

Honeymoon funds are a great way to help couples afford their dream honeymoon. Couples can set up honeymoon funds online, and their guests can contribute money towards their trip. This is an excellent option for cash-strapped couples who want to create unforgettable memories on their honeymoon.

Why Are More Couples Choosing a Honeymoon Fund for Their Wedding Registries?

More couples are choosing honeymoon funds because it is a way for them to get money to help pay for their dream honeymoon. Friends and family can give money so the couple can have a memorable trip. By doing it this way, guests aren’t restricted to buying items from a specific list but can give money towards something they know the couple will love.

It helps to streamline the gift-giving process because it is more convenient for both sides. More convenient to you because almost everything is automated, and you can keep track of where you are up to with each gift item and see who has contributed. Easier for guests as they can contribute anywhere in the world without having to go in store and purchase physical items.

Learn How to Ask Guests for Experiences Over Gifts

When you create your Hitchd wedding registry page, guests can select experiences immediately, which is much more convenient than going to the store to buy something physical. Receiving gifts through honeymoon funds is a lot more personal and meaningful than a traditional registry.

People like to choose a gift they would like to receive themselves, so make sure to include experiences that cover a broad range of things to do. Consider what activities or events your guests love, and have them in your wedding registry.

Do Understand That Guests Love Gifting to Honeymoon Funds

First, you need to realize that guests love giving gifts to happy couples, and they want to feel like their contribution is being appreciated. If you decide that you would prefer to receive experiences as gifts, it is essential to make sure you communicate this clearly and politely.

Ultimately, you’ll find that your guests love gifting to honeymoon funds because it’s an easy way for them to give you a gift off your wedding registry that is truly personal.

Don’t Stress About How Many Gifts Should Be on a Wedding Registry

We have found that over seven gifts in your wedding registry are the best, and it causes the average contribution to increase considerably having this amount. This amount allows for enough variety for guests to choose from, and it also ensures that there are enough gifts so that everyone will find something they like without overcomplicating the process.

Do Register Ahead of Time

The earlier you create your wedding registry, the better. This will help ensure you get all the gifts from guests that may get your wedding gift far in advance. You can always add remaining registry items further down the line too. It gives guests adequate time to plan what they want to buy for you.

Do Review Your Wedding Registry

It’s important to review your wedding registry every few weeks and ensure it is still up-to-date. This way, you’ll know who has contributed and to what gift, so you can track each gift to see where you are regarding your monetary target.

Do Share Your Registry On Your Wedding Invites

Setting up your wedding registry early allows you to easily share it with your guests through a physical invitation or on a wedding website. This will ensure that all your guests can access your wedding registry and decide what gift to give without rushing.

Do Personalize Your Registry

Personalizing your wedding registry will make it easier for your guests to pick the perfect gift. You can personalize your registry by writing a description of each item and why it is essential to you and providing images of each item. You can also add personal information about you and your partner on our home page so people know they are on the correct registry.

Do Write Thank-You Notes Right Away

When you receive a gift, be sure to write a thank-you card right away. This will show your appreciation for their thoughtfulness and kindness. Keeping track of who gave you what is also essential to thank them properly.

Why Modern Couples Are Registering for Experiences With Hitchd

There are some great reasons to choose Hitchd over a typical wedding registry. Let’s look at the features you get when using our platform.

Thousands of Templates to Choose From

At Hitchd, you can pick from a selection of honeymoon essentials (green box) or choose from our extensive list of data-driven and updated gift templates every month (red box). You can also create gifts from scratch where you can choose from thousands of high-quality stock images or even upload your images.

You’re in Safe Hands

We have a proven track record of hosting thousands of honeymoon funds since our launch. We also have a fantastic customer service team who is always happy to answer any questions.

It’s Easy to Set Up

Setting up honeymoon funds is simple and takes only a few minutes. You can also easily manage your wedding registry with our intuitive dashboard and track your progress with our reporting system.

You’ll Get 65% More Contributions Than the Industry Average

From our research of hundreds of honeymoon funds, we found that, on average, when using Hitchd, guests contribute up to 65% more when compared with other platforms. This means you’ll have more money to make your honeymoon dreams come true.

You Can Send Thank You Notes Mailed Directly to Your Guest

We have a feature built into the platform so you can send thank you notes directly from your dashboard. Customize the cards with your own pictures and a heartfelt note to each guest.

You Can Track All Your Contributions in One Spot

With the Hitchd dashboard, you can keep track of all your contributions in one spot. With our reporting system, you can get an up-to-date snapshot of your honeymoon funds and their status.

Voted Best Mobile User Experience

Our mobile version was awarded the best user experience. This allows your guests to contribute on the go with ease.

So, What Is the Best Way to Add Experiences to Your Wedding Registry?

Hitchd is the perfect way to add experiences to your wedding registry. With our selection of customizable templates and intuitive dashboards, you’ll be able to create the perfect wedding registry for your special day and track all of your contributions in one spot. Wedding registries are made simple using Hitchd.

Fund memories, not things.

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