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How To Find the Best Online Wedding Registry for New Zealand Couples

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Apr 28, 20235 min read

Many options are available if you’re a New Zealand couple in the wedding planning process looking to build an extra special online wedding registry. Whether looking for an online wedding registry with décor items, honeymoon gifts, or even a home renovation fund, there will surely be the perfect wedding registry platform for your needs.

Here are some of New Zealand couples’ best online wedding registry options.

Best Online Wedding Registry for NZ Couples: Hitchd

Hitchd is a top choice for New Zealand couples looking for an online wedding registry. It offers video templates, customizable thank you cards, a fantastic mobile user experience, and a low setup fee. With Hitchd, you can add any type of wedding gift, from physical items to honeymoon experiences or charitable donations.Not only does Hitchd have an extensive library of gift templates, but it also allows couples to choose the gifts they truly want and enjoy up to 65% larger contributions from guests. Trusted worldwide and highly rated on Trust Pilot, Hitchd goes the extra mile to ensure a safe and secure experience for your guests.

Start By Determining What Wedding Gifts You Want

Wedding registries can include all sorts of items, so it’s essential to consider what you want on your gift list before committing to one wedding registry.

Do you need a few large items, or would you prefer a variety of smaller wedding gifts? Is there a special honeymoon fund you’d like to create?

Knowing what kind of wedding gift you need will help you choose the best wedding registry.

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are becoming increasingly popular, especially if you want to set up a dream honeymoon fund or home renovation for your wedding registry. Cash gifts can be tracked on a wedding registry platform and go toward anything you want.

Physical Gifts

A wedding gift in physical form is a great option for many couples who want to add a personal touch to their wedding registry. You can request anything from toasters to bedding or kitchenware from your wedding guests. If you want something more specific, look for a customized wedding registry.

Raise Money for Charity

Many couples can even request charitable donations to help raise money for a cause they feel passionately about. This is a great way to request your wedding guests help you give back and create a meaningful contribution for the special day with your gift registry.

Learn What Kind of Wedding Registry Sites Are Available

Once you’ve determined what kind of gifts you’re looking for, it’s time to start researching NZ’s different online wedding registry sites. Find one with all the features you need, like cash gifts and charity donations. It would be best to look for a site that offers customer service and security features to help protect your information.

Traditional Wedding Registry

A traditional wedding registry lists unique items couples want to receive as physical gifts on their wedding day. These can include things like dishes and home decor that come from home goods or other stores. Wedding guests can use this list to buy the couple a gift they will enjoy using their gift registry.

Honeymoon Wedding Registry

A honeymoon registry is a special list for couples who want it to be incredibly easy for people to raise money for their honeymoon instead of presents. People can pick things from the list they want to give cash towards, like airfare tickets and dream honeymoon experiences. Add your honeymoon registry to your wedding website, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Wedding Registry Services at Your Favourite Stores

Some stores will offer wedding registry services for many couples. Stores like Kmart have registry programs that allow people to select items from their stores and put them on an online wedding registry list. This is a convenient way to set up a wedding registry if you already know where you want to shop for your wedding gift items.

Find the Best Online Gift Registry for Wedding Day

Whether you’re looking for cash gifts, physical items, or a honeymoon fund, plenty of options are available for NZ couples. Here are some gift registry options for people in New Zealand.


PRO: Video Templates

Hitchd has video templates that can help make your wedding day more personal. The video templates allow your wedding guests unique and memorable gift listings to see exactly what the item is for. Hitchd is the only online wedding registry on the market with this feature.

PRO: Send Thank You Cards Directly

Hitchd helps you make unique thank you cards to your guests to thank them for their contributions. You can send thank you cards to people who give you gifts through the platform. This is a great way to show appreciation for all the love and support you’ve received from your friends and family.

PRO: Best Mobile User Experience

People like to shop for wedding gifts while they are on their phones, and most purchases happen on mobile devices. With Hitchd, you can ensure that your online wedding registry has a great mobile user experience so people can easily find and purchase the gifts they want.

PRO: Low Set Up Fee

Hitch charges a one-time setup fee starting at just $99. This is one of the industry’s lowest setup fees, making it easy for couples to create their wedding registry without breaking the bank.

PRO: Any Wedding Gift Can Be Added

You can add physical items, honeymoon items, and charitable donations using Hitchd. This makes creating a wedding registry that reflects the couple’s interests and values easy without sticking to one type of gift.

PRO: Gift Templates

With an extensive library of gift templates, you can get your wedding registry up and running in no time at all.

PRO: Choose Gifts You Actually Want

Collecting cash from your wedding registry does not limit you to sticking with the realms of a honeymoon registry. You can also use the cash to buy gifts from a curated selection of special items your guests don’t have to know about. You can even have your wedding registry help fund your engagement party, destination wedding, or a down payment on your own home.

PRO: Add MORE Cash to Your Bank Account

Not only is Hitchd a one stop shop for your perfect registry, but as an added bonus, you can expect up to 65% larger contributions from guests than the industry average of other registries.

PRO: Highly Rated Tech Savvy Site

Hitchd is an online wedding registry builder that is trusted worldwide and has also been highly rated on Trust Pilot.

PRO: Hitchd Goes the Extra Mile to Be Safe and Secure For Your Guests

Hitchd doesn’t hold your funds. Everything goes straight into a Stripe account that is linked to your bank account. Your user friendly, easy registry won’t risk any security of your friends and family.

PRO: Free Trial

You don’t have to pay to try Hitchd out to see if it’s the right fit for your wedding registry. Peruse through different wedding registry options on the site for as long as you want. Upgrade when you are ready to share your wedding registry with your wedding guests.

CON: No Traditional Registry Items

Hitchd does not offer an option to add gifts for your friends and family to purchase and send them directly to you. This registry service focuses primarily on gift options that help cushion your bank account in the wedding planning process.


PRO: Completely Customizable

With EasyRegistry, you can access a limitless selection of items from any store - cash funds and even wishing wells included! Traditional wedding registries restrict you to purchasing items only available in their stores; with EasyRegistry, however, you can add whatever suits your occasion - no matter where it comes from!

PRO: Simple Interface

It’s effortless for your visitors to contribute with their preferred payment method, whether a credit card, Paypal, cash, or bank transfer. Your funds will instantly go into the selected account(s), so you can begin splurging on those wedding registry items.

PRO: Cost Sharing Functionality

Splitting the costs of costly goods has never been easier. With the platform, guests can donate as much or little to a purchase as they wish.

CON: Not Free

Although there is a free function, this is limited and does not provide the most comprehensive services. It also does not accept credit cards, so if you are looking for an online wedding registry that offers many payment options, you must pay for one of its plans.

CON: Looks a Bit Tacky

EasyRegistry does not look as nice or fancy as other online wedding registries. When your guests visit your wedding registry, it may give them a negative impression before the wedding day.

CON: Payment Transaction Fees

EasyRegistry charges a fee when people use specific payment methods. This means friends and family members will have to pay some money for the gifts they give you, or you will have to foot the processing costs bill.

PRO: Universal Wedding Registry

With a universal wedding registry, couples can create a wish list filled with every specific gift they genuinely want - from anywhere. You can add any item you like, whether online or in-store! This way, your guests can get you something special and memorable for your big day.

PRO: Sync Store Registries

The site lets you connect store registries to get all the gifts from different stores in one place. That way, it’s easy for your guests to find everything you want in one place.

PRO: e-Cards

Reach out to your guests in style with beautiful, personalized eCards announcing your wedding registry. You can even get your friends to help by sharing the online wedding registry.

CON: It looks Outdated looks outdated, old, and not as friendly as other websites, so that it may give people the wrong impression before the wedding.

CON: No Thank You Card Functionality

The site does not have a way to send thank-you cards. That means you will have to find another way to tell people “thank you” for the gifts they gave you for your wedding.

CON: Mobile Experience Could Be Better

Guests found that the app does not work that great on phones and tablets. It might be harder for friends and family members to access your wish list if they have a phone or tablet instead of a computer.

Plan Your Dream Honeymoon with Hitchd Today!

Hitchd is an online wedding registry that makes it easy to plan your dream honeymoon. Hitchd lets you build a custom wishlist from romantic getaways to exotic destinations to take the perfect trip without breaking the bank.

With its flexible payment options and great mobile user experience, Hitchd is the ideal solution for couples looking for a modern way to create a wedding registry.

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