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How Does a Home Fund Registry Work?

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
May 31, 20225 min read

Getting married and starting your life together is an exciting time that often ends up draining your bank account. The wedding and honeymoon are likely just the tip of the iceberg. For most couples, their big day is just one of many rather expensive milestones they will endure, like saving for a pet or a child or purchasing or renovating a house.

Especially for couples who are hoping to buy a home shortly after their nuptials, creating a budget through the wedding planning process can be a bit overwhelming.

The good news is that asking for money instead of physical gifts at your wedding is becoming less and less taboo. So, if you need some ideas to get inspired, keep reading to learn all about a house fund registry works.

House Fund vs. Traditional Wedding Registry

Now, more than ever before, registry gifts have evolved to be more creative and personalized and creative than ever before. The wedding registry of the past was often filled with physical gifts, usually household goods, like decor, linens, appliances, etc.

There’s no shame in setting up wedding registries that look like this today, especially if you’re in need of these items. The truth is, not all couples are these days. So, if you feel like you’ve already got everything you need for the home, why not ask for money instead?

A cash registry set up to fund your future home is the upgrade your wedding site didn’t know it needed. Now, a guest can add a personal touch by helping contribute to your marriage honeyfund, eventually getting you to the dream home you both deserve.

Is a House Fund Different From a Cash Registry?

Once upon a time, wedding etiquette claimed that it was inappropriate to ask for cash as a wedding gift. Under this sorely outdated taboo, even a cash registry would be crossing the line.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking those closest to you to help build your new life together as a couple. In fact, most would surely prefer to give you cash gifts than a toaster you’ll never use to help celebrate your big day.

The importance of differentiating a house fund from a cash fund wedding registry may help ease those who are uncomfortable with being so upfront. A cash fund might sound abrasive, although it shouldn’t. But, if it does, it might help to identify exactly what you plan to do with your cash gifts.

For example, think of your Great Aunt Thelma, who can’t bear the thought of a cash gift. Perhaps it might help explain to her that you’ve already got everything you have in your home. After all, you’re getting married much later in life than she did.

So, instead of wasting her money, she might consider contributing whatever cash amount she feels comfortable helping you and your fiance buy the house of your dreams. This added space means a guest bedroom for Great Aunt Thelma to visit once you have a kiddo or two later down the line.

How Will My Guests Feel About Cash Gifts?

It’s no new news that couples are marrying later in life. Similarly, many couples lived together before tying the knot now. While weddings still mark a critical moment in their lives, it pulls inspiration from the next stage of their life. Typically, this means buying their first home, growing their family, etc.

Friends those related to you could likely have the best idea of what’s in store for your future. A contribution or a credit towards a more significant purchase is something they’d much instead sign up for rather than an old app that’ll collect dust on your kitchen counter.

While we all dream of saving enough to pay for a home on our own, it doesn’t help to add tools to our roster in the form of cash gifts.

If you’re out of ideas on how to pitch the idea to loved ones, here’s some inspiration to add to the menu.

Get Personal About Your Financial Situation

Typically, your friends and family are on a need to know basis about your financial state. The truth is, living isn’t free, and everyone knows it! Rather than draining your bank, don’t be afraid to ask outside of the traditional wedding registry.

Take the time to explain your cash fund for your wedding. You can send the message to a larger audience online, which tends to be the simplest. And, remember, it’s no longer going against wedding planning etiquette to ask for cash fund contributions.

Traditional cash registry tables at weddings have a table set up for collection. While this is also a great option, handling cash like that can be more stressful than you think.

Let your guests know that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable having a box at your wedding ceremony or reception that would be easy to walk away with a cash gift. Instead of being responsible for that, you would much rather prefer to give your guests a simple and easy online cash fund option instead.

Invitations Are Not the Place to Talk About Your Cash Fund

Even if you register for your cash fund early enough to have it in place by the time you send your invitations, do not mention them here. Whether you’re setting up honeymoon funds or any other wedding gift registries, the best tips all indicate your website is the best place for this information.

Avoid looking like a charity by sending out mail-out tools to ask for support via cash. Save yourself the embarrassment and instead draw up ideas about thoughtfully crafted messages on your wedding website account.

Always Thank Your Guests

You’ll still have a few guests who aren’t comfortable enough to contribute funds online. Even if you do your best to explain your cash registry, sometimes it’s inevitable. Support them by letting them know it is safe and secure to handle entirely online.

Send out personalized thank you cards to everyone that joins in the exciting day, and never be disappointed in those who don’t add to your online wedding funds. Remember the wedding tips that anyone showing up to support your wedding should be included.

Show Your Guests What Their Gift Accomplishes

Following up with an explanation of where the cash went is another excellent way to help people feel better about a monetary contribution to your registry.

For example, if you were asking for money to buy a house through your registry, you can add a picture of your new home to your wedding website. Or, consider adding photos from your honeymoon to your thank you cards as a sign of appreciation if you went the honeymoon fund route.

Where Can I Start Home Fund Wedding Registries?

For more details about a gift registry, wedding websites are the first place guests go-to look. Let your cash registry become the star of the show on your online for this reason.

Here, you can have the space to explain the cash registry carefully. Instead of bringing a gift or dealing with cash at the wedding, family members can instead make a payment towards your gift funds online.

To help remind your guests about payment through your online funds tools, provide a personalized message.

Looking for tips or verbiage to request funds for your special day? Find out how to register for your honeymoon in 5 simple steps here.

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