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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Wishing Well Registry

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
May 26, 20226 min read

These days, wishing well weddings are becoming increasingly popular as more couples find they already have everything they need for their home. After all, one household can only hold so many toasters and tea towels.

So, for the bride and groom looking to bypass the traditional gift registry and instead ask their friends and family for cash, here’s everything you need to know about setting up a wishing well registry.

What Is a Wishing Well Registry?

Many couples choose to live together first and then marry. Much of this can be attributed to people getting married later in life, in general.

That being said, when it comes to a couple planning out their wedding, the gift portion can become complicated. Instead of asking for a physical wedding gift, many would like to ask for cash or contributions for things like a honeymoon.

That’s where the idea of a wishing well came to fruition. Rather than creating traditional registries for family and friends to purchase a present, couples collect cash instead.

A “wishing well” is set up at the wedding, usually a box, where guests can drop off money for the happy couple. The idea behind it is that guests are wishing the couple well with funds.

With so much going digital these days, a registry for a wishing well can be set up online through an online service like Hitchd. These sites are safe and secure, allowing guests to make a contribution in whatever amount they choose. It saves them the hassle of the alternative, having to remember to grab cash before the ceremony.

Traditional Gift Registry vs. Wishing Well Registry

There is no shame in setting up a wishing well for your wedding if that’s what you decide as a couple. And, offering a registry online makes it easy for your guests to be able to access it directly from your wedding website. Here are just a few reasons you might be considering a wishing well instead of traditional gifts for your wedding.

You Already Have Everything You Need

As previously mentioned, couples are marrying later in life. As such, when the two create one household, they typically go out and get exactly what they need in the years to follow.

When a couple gets married, later on, the actual gift portion gets complicated because they already have everything they need.

Instead of asking for gifts, couples can set up a wishing well to be the star of their wedding registry.

You Prefer Experiences Over Items

Another reason couples are forgoing gifts is for the sake of minimalism. Maybe you value experience over items, which means money would go a lot further as a gift in your couple.

Help explain this to your wedding guests by putting the details of your wishing well on your wedding website. You can explain that guests are free to contribute what they wish, without pressure.

Some couples find it best to focus on a specific goal, such as a honeymoon. For family members who might be feeling a bit apprehensive about giving money as a gift, it might help to put their minds at ease if they know it is going towards something significant (and still a part of the wedding), such as the honeymoon.

You Want to Save Up to Buy a House

Similar to setting up a wishing well instead of a gift registry for your honeymoon, you might decide you can use the funds for another large purchase. Couples can set up a wishing well fund to tell their guests they would like to buy a home together in the near future. Any contributions towards their new home is greatly appreciated.

Again, some guests might find more comfort in the fact that the cash gift has meaning behind it. Explaining to them that a traditional gift registry wouldn’t make sense, considering you don’t have the home to fill with these gifts in the first place, is a good start.

You Want to Donate to a Charitable Cause

Another reason you might look into a wishing well for your wedding is because you are interested in donating to a charitable cause. Many couples are happy to simply have their guests attend their wedding without wishing for gifts.

A wishing well is a great place to gather money online for the bride and groom who have what they need and are looking to appease the masses who are still interested in providing a gift for the event.

Rather than dealing with handling cash, your guests can go online to your wedding website and donate their money with a free service (like Hitchd), which is secure and easy to use. They don’t have to search around, create an account, or become a customer of any service.

With services like Hitchd, it’s super easy to give the option of helping support the charitable donation that means the most to you as a couple.

Star Your Wishing Well Registry With Taste

Many couples ask themselves if it’s tacky to ask for cash at your wedding. The short answer is no. It doesn’t have to be.

As you can imagine, it can be uncomfortable to ask your loved ones for cash rather than a gift. Thankfully, there is a registry etiquette you can follow to avoid crossing any lines with your wishing well.

Here are a few of the basics you should always follow when it comes to your registry.

Explain Your Wishing Well

The best way to bypass a traditional gift registry is by taking the time to explain your wishing well for your wedding. Online tends to be the simplest, as you can send the message across to a larger audience.

Let them know that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable having a box at your wedding ceremony or reception that can be easy to steal. A box like this would traditionally hold physical cards and envelopes and is known for having money. Not surprisingly, these become a target at weddings. Instead of being responsible for that, you would much rather prefer to give your guests a simple and easy online option instead.

Don’t Mention Your Wishing Well On Your Invitation

Avoid talking about gifts, whether it be a wishing well or any other gift registry, on your invitation unless as a part of an extensive suite. Instead, talk about it online and explain that the cash gathered from weddings can go to something larger, like purchasing a new home or getting ready for a baby.

Always Thank Your Guests

Even if you do your best to explain your wishing well, letting guests know it is safe and secure to handle completely online, you’ll still have a few guests who aren’t comfortable with it. That’s okay.

However your guests decide to be a part of your wedding, always thank them. Send out personalized thank you cards to everyone that joins in the exciting day, and never be disappointed in those who don’t add to your online wedding funds.

Show Your Guests the Results of Your Wishing Well

Another great way to help people feel better about a monetary contribution is to follow up with an explanation of where the money went.

For example, if you were asking for funds to buy a house, you can add a picture of your new home to your wedding website. Or, consider adding photos from your honeymoon to your thank you cards as a sign of appreciation.

Where Can I Start My Wishing Well?

Wedding websites are the first place guests go to look for more details about a wedding. That’s why your online website is a great place to let your wishing well become the star of the show. Here, you can have the space to explain the wishing well carefully. Instead of bringing a present or dealing with envelopes at the wedding, family members can instead contribute to the wishing well online.

To help remind your guests about your wishing well and to provide a personalized message, you can opt for individualized emails and RSVP cards included in your invitation suite for your visitors.

Looking for tips or verbiage to request funds for your special day? Find out how to register for your honeymoon in 5 simple steps here.

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