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newly weds traveling the world on honeymoon

How to Travel the World on Your Honeymoon

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Feb 20, 202414 min read

Are you dreaming of a globe-trotting honeymoon filled with romantic adventures and exotic locales? In a world where travel has become both a passion and a status symbol, embarking on a world tour for your honeymoon isn’t just a fantasy—it can be your first grand adventure as a married couple. The question is, how can you fund such an amazing journey? Enter Hitchd: the honeymoon registry that can help make your dream come true.

Here’s how to plan and fund your round-the-world honeymoon with Hitchd, turning your wanderlust into a reality.

1. Dream Together

Before you start packing your bags, sit down with your partner and outline the trip of your dreams. Where do you want to go? What experiences matter most to both of you? Drafting an itinerary is not only exciting but it helps set expectations. Visualize yourselves wandering the streets of Paris, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, or hiking Machu Picchu. Turning these dreams into detailed plans is the first step towards making them happen.

2. Start Planning Early

Planning a honeymoon that spans multiple continents requires time and research. Consider factors like seasonal weather patterns, cultural events you want to witness, and any visa requirements for your chosen destinations. Craft an itinerary that flows logically—minimizing backtracking—and allows time for rest between destinations.

3. Set Up Your Hitchd Registry revolutionizes traditional wedding registries by allowing couples to register for financial contributions towards unique experiences rather than physical gifts. Create your personalized registry early in the wedding planning process so guests have plenty of time to contribute towards your goals.

4. Tell Your Story

A compelling story resonates with those looking to support you on this journey. On Hitchd, create a narrative explaining why traveling means so much to you as a couple. Describe the destinations and share what specific activities at each place would bring joy to this special time in your lives.

5. Break It Down

Instead of one large “honeymoon fund,” itemize the experiences and wishes within Hitchd into smaller, accessible contributions. This could mean having guests help fund “Dinner under the Eiffel Tower” or “Scuba Diving in Bali.” Breaking down costs makes it more tangible for guests and allows them to feel like they are gifting you a real experience.

With Hitchd, you can get your registry up and running fast with a curated selection of popular destination gift templates, meticulously crafted based on years of gifting data to ensure that your registry reflects the best in class and variety. Gift templates not your style? You can also create your own gifts.

6. Get Creative With Contributions

Don’t just stick with activities; think about what else could enhance the experience. Gifts can include everything from upgrades on flights for more comfortable long-haul travel to contributions toward accommodations or even camera gear to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

7. Share Your Registry

Your wedding website is a primary tool for communicating with guests about your Registry on Hitchd, but don’t be afraid to get creative! Share your custom Hitchd registry URL with your invites or place it on your wedding website to let your guests know how to contribute.

8. Be Grateful In Advance

Gratitude goes a long way—make sure each item in your registry includes a sincere thank you note. Let contributors know how much their gift will mean to you and how it will enhance this incredible life experience.

9. Show Your Appreciation with Thank You Cards

Show appreciation to every guest through Hitchd by sending heartfelt thank you cards, either digitally or mailed directly from the platform, adding a personalized touch to each gesture of kindness.

10. Make It Memorable Afterward

Promise donors postcards from various destinations or compile photo books featuring all the experiences funded through Hitchd once you’re back—this provides a thoughtful way of showing gratitude afterward while making patrons feel part of the adventure they helped enable.

11. Define Your Honeymoon Goals

Start by clearly defining what experiences are a must-have on your journey. This isn’t only about places; it’s about moments—watching the sunset over the Serengeti or enjoying breakfast with a view of the Himalayas. These aren’t mere stops on a map, but milestones waiting to be reached and cherished.

12. Choose Experiences Over Locations

Often, couples get caught up in listing destinations when planning an itinerary. Instead, focus on experiences that will define your journey together—a cooking class in Tuscany or tango dancing in Buenos Aires tells more about the essence of your trip than simply ticking off countries.

13. Personalize Your Honeymoon Fund Categories

Within Hitchd, create personalized categories for you and your guests to contribute to. Instead of a generic ‘flights’ category, specify ‘Our Flight to Start The Journey’ or ‘Catch the Sunrise - Hot Air Balloon Ride.’ Details create excitement and make it truly yours.

14. Include A Range For Contributions

Some guests may want to indulge you with a grand gesture; others might prefer modest contributions. Offer gifting options at varying levels—such as accounting for a day’s meal, an entire romantic dinner, or even just coffees during layovers—to ensure everyone can participate comfortably.

15. Add Unique Touches To Your Itinerary

Remember to include unique local activities or traditions that make each destination extraordinary—whether it’s an overnight stay in a traditional Ryokan in Japan or contributing towards adopting an olive tree in Greece which you’ll later visit together.

16. Embrace Slow Travel

With many destinations tagged on most world tours, consider embracing slow travel for parts of your honeymoon journey. This means spending more time in fewer places and can increase appreciation for each location’s nuances—encouraging contributions towards long-stay experiences such as two-week language immersion courses or extended volunteering opportunities.

17. Use Hitchd To Stay Organized

Hitchd can serve as more than just a registry—it can be your platform for keeping track of who’s contributed what, ensuring none of the contributors are overlooked when sending thank-you notes post-honeymoon, which can be sent directly from the platform – either printed and delivered for you or sent digitally.

18. Encourage Portioned Funding

Encourage guests who may not know what to contribute towards by offering partitioned funding options within larger experiences like a week-long cruise where day excursions or dining options are separated into fundable parts.

These advanced tactics ensure that every aspect of planning through Hitchd is covered—from netting funds pre-trip to captivating storytelling post-adventure. As you set out on this journey—funded part by love and part monetary gifts—you weave rich tapestries punctuated by sights savored souvenirs carted memories fondly minted aboard life treasure trove embarked alongside soulmate-a-co-traveler hand held fervently evermore!

With proper planning using these tips and leveraging platforms like Hitchd, financing your grand excursion becomes far less daunting; truly creating an immersive “how-to” guide on traveling the world on honeymoon that friends and family can participate in financially via meaningful gifts that foster memories instead of cluttering homes with more stuff.

Traveling around the world on your honeymoon is more than a trip; it’s an exploration of diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and unforgettable adventures that you share with your significant other. Crafting this journey with the aid of Hitchd not only simplifies the financial complexities but also invites your loved ones to be a part of your story in a way that traditional wedding gifts never could. Let’s dive deeper into how to plan your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon with Hitchd.

Remember: this isn’t just any vacation; this is your honeymoon—one of the most meaningful trips you’ll ever take—so investing in profound life experiences aligns perfectly with starting out married life adventurously and authentically together.

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