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What Do You Write in a Cash Fund for a Wedding

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
Apr 28, 20227 min read

If you want to ask for money from friends and family on your wedding website, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable. Whether they’re traditional and prefer physical gifts, such as kitchen appliances, or are just uncertain about financial registries, when it comes to asking for cash, you instead want to act as a guide so that guests can contribute towards your new life together for your big day.

Whether it be a new home, a trip, or a contribution towards a future payment for either, your loved ones will find fun supporting the newlyweds on their wedding day.

Since we already know that it’s faux pax to ask for cash, or physical gifts for that matter, on the wedding invitation, that leaves the wedding website on the table. But, how do you know what you’re supposed to write? We’re here to help you figure that out.

Why use Honeymoon Registry?

In the past, marriage was a celebration of the combining households in which newlyweds bring together all of their belongings under one roof. Because of this, the traditional wedding gift was often household items the couple needed to create a home during this transitional phase of their lives.

Today, couples often live together long before marrying, which means they more than likely have everything they need for their house and instead search for fun ideas to ask wedding guests for on their gift registry.

Rather than asking for physical gifts, consider asking for money for wedding gifts so that your guests can contribute funds towards an unforgettable honeymoon instead.

Because it’s unreasonable to ask a guest to pay for a trip in full, you could instead ask your family and friends for funds towards the gift for your wedding day. Best of all, with honeymoon registries like Hitchd, you can also include other unique experiences and ideas. For example, you can ask for funds towards a romantic dinner for two and a spa day.

Having a honeymoon cash fund on the wedding website ensures wedding guests will have everything they need to provide wedding gifts couples actually want and need to begin their marriage.

What Is a Cash Wedding Registry?

A cash wedding registry is a new form of a non-traditional wedding registry that allows couples to make gifts for themselves out of cash gifts from guests. The main difference between a traditional wedding registry and a cash registry is that the couple gets the cash gift rather than the physical items.

How Does a Cash Wedding Registry Work?

The cash wedding registry enables couples to create and share gifts that guests may make a contribution towards for their honeymoon. Better registries out there, like Hitchd, will allow guests to make notes and enable couples to respond with a personalized thank-you.

When guests give the cash fund wedding gift, the money is deposited into a predetermined bank account. Then couples use their personal account to put the money for their own use, such as a big trip.

Cash Wedding Registries Are on the Rise

Although wedding cash funds donations didn’t use to outnumber traditional gifts, the trends have begun shifting, and more and more couples are not afraid to ask for money on their wedding website.

Mobile devices make it easier than ever to travel the world, making the travel industry expand faster than ever and the honeymoon fund with it. Additionally, more and more people are more comfortable talking about finances with friends, making it less taboo to ask for money or cash gifts when their wedding rolls around.

Why Should I Have a Wedding Cash Fund?

To register a wedding cash fund is an excellent option but is most helpful to the couple - particularly when it involves contributions for high costs, such as:

  • Honeymoon
  • Downpayment on a house
  • Extended education
  • Charitable causes

I Still Feel Strange Asking for Money as a Wedding Gift

The trend of asking for cash funds for wedding gifts has gained tremendous traction but remains a relatively new concept, specifically for older wedding guests.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be too difficult to ask people to get on board with your cash fund gifts to match your style of living. Don’t worry, there is an etiquette you can follow. You can find out how to politely ask for money instead of gifts for a wedding if you’re having a hard time figuring it out on your own. In the end, you can make guests fall in love with your honeymoon registry.

Okay, I’m in. How should I use my cash gift?

With cash on the table, it can be used for just about anything you wish. It is possible to make just one big investment without having an agreed goal. Although most brides-to-be would prefer to see the money they spend in their own hands or added up for more significant gifts.

Best of all, there are data-driven tips to increase the average contribution to your honeymoon registry to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

Examples of Honeymoon Registry Wording

The best way to communicate your wedding gift wishes in advance is through explicit instructions. Don’t forget to avoid coming off as tacky you should never as for money or any other gifts on your wedding invitation.

Check out 5 tips for the perfect honeymoon registry wording, or feel free to use the below templates word-for-word. Or, use our templates as etiquette tips for ideas to make your own.

Straightforward Honeymoon Fund Wording

You can use formal language to suggest invitations for contributing to monetary gifts, like the example below.

We are happy to start our new life with the people we love so much. We are grateful to have acquired everything our home needs throughout our relationship and are looking to focus on building experiences with one another instead.

We have planned the honeymoon of our dreams. You will find a honeymoon fund filled with customized experiences - exhilarating excursions, unforgettable meals, and relaxing spa days – for those interested in giving a wedding gift, albeit entirely unnecessary.

We are thrilled to celebrate our special day with you, and we look forward to showing you details from our honeymoon when we return.

Thank you for considering such a thoughtful gift!

Playful Honeymoon Fund Wording

If you and your significant other prefer a more playful tone, consider trying out a fun poem.

When we leave for our adventurous honeymoon

There are ways to help us fly

Please take part in our wedding journey

The limit is the sky!

We are getting married

Next, we’ll embark on our honeymoon

The costs nearly had us buried

With the wedding all so soon.

We already have plenty 'a dish

So, no physical gifts are necessary

A cash fund is available if you wish

The weight you will surely help carry!

Short Honeymoon Fund Wording

Rather than shower their guests with theatrics, you could prefer to keep things short and sweet.

Rather than bringing a gift, we kindly ask you to make donations towards our honeymoon fund.

Honeymoon Fund Wording for Wedding Showers

If you want to spread the word about your cash gift fund for your shower, you can use this example.

Those seeking an incredibly special gift might consider adding to the lovely couple’s honeymoon, such as spa visits, poolside drinks, and excursions.

There’s a Non-tacky Way

If guests are interested in contributing money toward your honeymoon for their gift, they will become deeply involved in your stories. In addition to keeping them in the loop, here are a few examples of how to keep things classy.

Tell People What the Money Will Be Used For

If you plan to use the money to help guests connect with you, ensure that you have the correct information. Be mindful of all of the wording.

Tell people what their money will be used for in as much detail as possible. With great sites like Hitchd, you can break things down by category, include a photo, and even add a quick note.

Show Gratitude During and After Your Honeymoon

While everyone knows that thank-you cards are necessary after receiving any wedding gift, the appreciation does not stop there when it comes to a honeymoon fund.

If you genuinely want to engage your guests and show them that their donations are valued, you can keep them in the loop with all of your adventures even after your honeymoon. Please include details about how you enjoyed an extra mimosa at brunch on them or how you saw more dolphins than you could possibly count on your snorkel cruise.

Whatever it may be, just remember that the etiquette you show your family and friend even after you are married and the honeymoon adventures are over will go a long way.

Do Use a Cash Registry Website

It is best to utilize cash registry sites for secure transactions for both you and your guests. The best registry sites, like Hitchd, will allow you to build a list of almost anything - whether it is a renovation, your honeymoon, or a donation to your favorite charities. You can add links for your cash registry to your website for easy guest navigation.

Where Can I Find a Honeymoon Fund?

Your wedding site is a good spot for guests to receive a detailed itinerary of your wedding plans. Your site is an excellent place to explain your idea for the honeymoon fund and how instead of cash gifts and other tangible items, family members can contribute to the honeymoon fund.

Personalized emails and RSVP cards included in your invitations suite can also be used by your visitors for personal messages to remind them about your use of a cash registry.

While guests can give you something tangible for the occasion, many are excited that you can give them some place on your special day.

Looking for tips? Find out how to register for your honeymoon in 5 simple steps here.

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