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Tricky Tactics Of Wedding Registry Completion Discounts

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
Nov 13, 20227 min read

How often do you think couples receive every present on their wedding registry? Not too often, right? Well, wedding registry companies know that, so they have created a way to entice you to continue purchasing those items by offering you a wedding registry completion discount. They’re doing you a favor, right? We’re glad you’re here because you need to know the tricky tactics of wedding registry discounts.

As if scanning your way into an endless sea of miscellaneous “stuff” and creating a giant wishlist isn’t reason enough to make a wedding registry, many stores such as Amazon will offer enticing “perks” for registering with them. But all online registries are unequal, so choosing the best wedding registry is essential. And it’s also important to consider what items you want to include.

If classic houseware items already fill your cabinets and sit unused, you should create a non-traditional wedding registry instead. These registries allow you to register for experience-based items or cash and are becoming more popular daily. Doesn’t that sound better than a bunch of gadgets you’ll probably never use?

The Hidden Truth Behind A Wedding Registry Completion Discount

Traditional wedding registries are starting to fall by the wayside because most modern-day couples already live together and have the household items (the traditional registry items) they need. But most couples still need to create a registry which typically means you might find yourself scanning a bunch of “stuff” and watching to see what your guests buy.

If you create a traditional wedding registry, you must understand that you probably won’t get everything you added to your registry, including the items you “really wanted.” So, what do you do? Many registry companies will extend a completion discount on the items that are not purchased to entice you to go ahead and buy them for yourselves. This sounds great, but they use some tricky tactics to ensure they’re coming out on top. And if you’re not careful, you could be disappointed or mad.

What Is A Registry Completion Discount?

Let’s first start with understanding what a wedding registry completion discount is. Many registry providers include a completion discount, enabling couples to buy remaining presents on their registry at a discounted price.

The discount percentage will vary by retailer, and there are lots of “fine print” details that you need to be aware of, so always read the terms and conditions…the rules are important.

After your wedding date has passed, you can purchase the remaining items at a discounted price. But there are some sneaky tactics that are used to swing the maximum benefit to the retailer instead of to you.

How Do You Become Eligible For The Wedding Registry Completion Discount?

It seems like anyone who creates a wedding registry would be eligible for the completion discount, right? Well, nope! That is not true for all registry retailers. Amazon, for example, requires that you have $500+ in purchases to be eligible for the completion discount. They offer different percentages depending on whether you’re Amazon Prime members or not.

In another example, The Knot indicates that to be eligible for their registry completion discount, you have to set your event date in your account, add at least one wedding gift 45 days before your event, AND have at least 1 present purchased by a guest before the wedding.

Terms and conditions are generally overlooked in many circumstances, but when it comes to wedding registry completion discounts - you need to read and understand them!

What They Don’t Tell You About A Registry Completion Discount

At Hitchd, we love our couples, and we want you to know some of the sneaky and tricky tactics that other registry companies use. Well-informed is always best, so here are some things retailers such as Amazon don’t tell you about wedding registry completion discounts.

Pay More

Getting a discount on a product you want is always exciting, and companies know this. But when it comes to wedding registries, purchasing them using the registry completion discount means you forget to shop around for the best price.

You know products are sold on various websites, and the costs often vary. So, the item you want may be less expensive elsewhere. And often, the cost outside your registry can be less even with the discount applied.

So, always shop for the best price, and remember your wedding registry completion discount may not be the best.

Trapped Into Purchasing From Limited Vendors

Another downfall to purchasing with your wedding registry completion discount is that you’re locked into buying solely from that retailer. This means you may not have as many options as you would if you purchased from another company. However, colors, features, and custom options can vary with different retailers, so to get the best product for your life, it’s always a good idea to shop around.

You’re Out Of Luck If You Postpone

If you postpone your wedding, your Amazon wedding registry completion discount is not honoured. Even Amazon prime members cannot escape this fate. Receiving a completion discount is a great gesture, but not allowing it to move to a postponed event date doesn’t seem fair.

All Products Are Not Eligible For The Discount

All products on your registry are not treated equally, so some may not be eligible for the discount. Amazon, for example, will only apply the discount to items shipped and sold by So, you should always read the product details fully to understand if it is eligible for the registry completion discount.

This also may be something you consider when you add items to your registry, ensuring that you’ll be able to use the discount on all items.

One-Time Use

Here’s a big, sneaky tactic that these registry companies use. Hidden in the terms and conditions, most registry companies indicate that the completion discount is only valid for use once. They prey on the fact that many people don’t read the fine print.

So, you could unknowingly purchase 1 item on your list to buy more of the items on your registry, but that first purchase would use up your discount.

Downfalls Of Traditional Wedding Registries

Traditional wedding registries have some perks but also many downfalls, but the biggest is that they don’t allow you to register for cash funds or experience-based items. In today’s day and age, there is a good chance that you already live with your partner, so you have all the pots and pans, linens, and gadgets that you need.

If you continue with the traditional wedding registry, you will just be getting things you don’t need and, worse yet, won’t use. Blah! That sucks! It also takes time for your guests to scroll through your endless list of “stuff” to find the one item they’d like to buy you, which can be frustrating.

Not to mention the amount of time it takes you to go to the stores or online at Amazon, Target or other registries adding everything you need or want.

Cash Is The Best Wedding Gift

It was taboo to give cash as a wedding present in age-old times. This is why most couples created a list of things in a formal registry that the guests could “shop from.” Of course, having a registry meant receiving the wedding gifts you “wanted.” But in reality, couples were adding things to the list “just because.”

It is time-consuming to go through the motions to add items to your registry on Amazon, not knowing if they are eligible items. And while it’s a great idea to take advantage of these store discounts and perks, it’s always best to read the rules.

Here are a few reasons why money is the best wedding present. And why creating an online cash wedding registry instead of taking hours at a store to scan items will be your lifesaver.

It’s Convenient And A No-brainer For Guests.

Let’s face it! Most of your friends and family are busy, so sitting down to scroll through a list of hundreds of Amazon products online that you added to your wedding registry won’t be fun for them. However, when you have a non-traditional wedding registry, like the one at Hitchd, you can add the option for your guests to simply send “Cash.”

And while it may have been taboo years ago, today, guests understand that Cash is the best wedding gift because it allows you the freedom to use it how you choose. That may be on buying something you’ve always wanted for the kitchen, but it could also help you pay off debt and start your new life together debt free.

Wedding Traditions Are Changing.

Couples today are mixing up many elements of weddings and opting for less traditional things. Whether that means choosing a unique wedding venue, using non-traditional food trucks, no cake, or ditching the traditional wedding registry, today’s weddings are very personalized. And we love it!

You don’t have to follow what everyone else does. Instead, make your wedding and your registry unique to your love story.

Cash Is Easy To Track, And Thank

One of the most frustrating parts of receiving wedding gifts is tracking who sent what so that you can thank them appropriately. Couples should thank guests with traditional thank you cards by naming the gift. Then, with cash, you can simply say thank you for your contribution. Easy Peasy.

You Get Cash When You Need It Most.

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, so receiving cash is a great way to get back on your feet after the wedding. Recouping some of the money you invested in your big day is always an excellent idea.

So, ditch the Amazon registry and make your life easier by creating an experience-based gift and cash donation list. It’ll save you from going to stores, worrying about completion savings, and all the fine print.


One of our favorite reasons cash is the best wedding gift is because it allows you to use it how you see fit.  It allows you the freedom to save it for a rainy day, use it for a deposit to buy a home, spend it on (or pay for) your honeymoon, or buy experiences such as winery or brewery tours, museum tours, music festivals, etc. You can find more experience-based wedding gift ideas at Hitchd.

Why You Should Use Hitchd To Collect Cash Contributions

There are many reasons you should use Hitchd to collect cash wedding gifts; here are some of our couple’s favorite reasons.

  • Easy to use
  • Receive heartfelt contributions straight to your bank account
  • Guests can pay with a credit card
  • Guests can choose any amount
  • You can send a personal message to contributors
  • It’s simple, safe, and 100% secure.
  • Trusted Brand and Wedding Registry and Cash Fund
  • You don’t have to worry about free shipping

How To Use Hitchd To Register For Cash, Products, or Experiences

Creating a cash wedding registry is simple and easy at Hitchd, but you can also include products and experiences in your registry. Here’s how to use Hitchd.

  • Create your account
  • Personalize your account with a profile photo, wedding information, and a welcome message.
  • Add the gifts or experiences you want by clicking on an item in our menu.
  • Publish your registry
  • Share it with your guests.

It’s that easy. You can create your registry in minutes and have your guests quickly start to send their contributions to you.

While today’s wedding present lists may look different from your parents or grandparents, they are still essential to your special day. Remember that your love story is unique, a one-of-a-kind love, so your wedding and registry should also be one-of-a-kind. So make it a registry that fits your life with Hitchd today!

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