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Travel Agent Registry vs. Custom Honeymoon Registry

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
Jul 04, 20224 min read

When it comes to honeymoon registries, there are countless options out there. Friends and family want to contribute to happy honeymoon wishes, adding new excitement to the traditional wedding registry.

But how do you know what type of honeymoon registry fits you?

Before making your final decision, it’s essential to break down two popular options: a travel agency registry vs. a custom honeymoon registry.

Understanding the Different Wedding Registries

Even though both honeymoon registries may be seemingly the same, there are a few stark differences that can make all the difference when it comes to this unique wedding gift. Ultimately, the wedding registry option you choose will significantly impact your honeymoon, from customization to flexibility.

Learn all of the details here.

Travel Agency Registries

Travel agency registries can vary drastically depending on the company and agent you select. Generally speaking, the registry process is usually the same as the goal to craft the perfect honeymoon.

Step 1: describing dream honeymoons

When working with an agent, the first step is to explain in as much detail as possible whatever it is you’re looking for in your post-nuptial vacation.

step 2: paying a deposit

Some agencies you work with may require you to pay a deposit before they begin to search for personalized honeymoons. These upfront costs ensure they will receive payment, regardless of the location the couple decides on. Most agents will also charge a fee for their service.

step 3: agents providing tools

Once you pay the deposit, an agent will help by providing the tools needed for the modern honeymoon. Typically, an agent will handle all aspects of planning, including:

  • Airfare
  • Transportation
  • Activities
  • Accommodations

step 4: Open your registry online for wedding guests

Then, you’ll utilize your wedding website to open up your registry online. Here, your wedding guests can contribute to your honeymoon via your selected travel agency directly.

Step 5: Closing Your Registry

The agency you’re working with will provide you with a date in which all fees and payment money must be submitted. Remember that when setting up this type of registry, you’ll have to keep that date in mind when posting it to wedding sites.

The date you close your registry can be anywhere from days or weeks before you begin to travel the world.

Custom Honeymoon Registries

Alternatively, if you decide to build a custom honeymoon registry, you get to take advantage of having the ability to personalize it just to your liking.

You can build honeymoon sites where friends and family can contribute whatever cash amount they choose. Choosing destinations, cruise ship choices, and other personal options are entirely up to the couple.

From here, brides can choose to go to their travel agency for assistance with booking or just go online and do it all themselves for free.

If You’re Looking to Leave the Planning to Someone Else

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who would prefer to hand off the bridal responsibility of planning your honeymoon. That’s precisely why travel agencies provide a service to create traveler’s joy in newlyweds.

If you’re too tied up with wedding planning to account for anything else outside of the big day, including your honeymoon, pass it off to someone else. After all, you’ll have to consider everything from activities, accommodations, and even a destination. Or, you can have a travel agent do all the work for you. Just keep in mind it will come along with a service fee.

In some instances, you can even rely on your agent to create and build your wedding registries for you.

If You’re Looking for Complete Flexibility on Your Wedding Website

Custom honeymoon registries may be the way to go if you prefer to have more of a say in your own honeymoon. With the fully customizable honeymoon registry, you’ll have ultimate flexibility. Even if you prefer working with a travel agency, you’ll still have that ability once all the money has been collected.

For budget-conscious couples, this registry option tends to be ideal. Since you have total control over how and when you book your honeymoon, you can typically find the best value for your buck.

When creating a honeymoon registry, or even if your guests opt for a traditional wedding gift, you are not wholly committed to using the gifts as they were purchased. Most couples opt for honeymoon registries because it allows them the freedom to utilize the gift of cash as they best see fit.

Rather than being committed to a travel experience as planned out by the agency, you can choose to switch things around last minute. For example, if your romantic beachside dinner gets rained out, you might decide to take that cash to the local store and see what goodies they have to bring home.

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