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The Ultiate Guide on Creating a Wishing Well for Your Wedding

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Jun 27, 20224 min read

Unveiling the Wishing Well for Modern Weddings

If you and your partner already have everything you could possibly want, you may be left wondering what gifts you should ask for for your wedding. One couple can truly only have a certain amount of household items, like toasters and dish towels.

Not surprisingly, wedding planning is shifting as more people take the advice of something a little more modern - wishing wells. Rather than flat out asking for money as a gift, add a cute spin towards this take on a traditional wedding gift.

Families and friends may not quite understand the concept of wishing wells, which is why we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about a wedding wishing well in order to decide if it’s the gift approach you want to take for your big day.

What Are Wishing Wells?

Couples today often live together before marriage and also get married later. As a result, most people already have every last item they need for their homes in their shared address well before their big day. Rather than conducting a never-ending search of things they never really wanted to begin with, it’s possible to make a gift registry couples can look forward to.

Couples can forego the traditional gift registry and opt for a wishing well set up at their wedding. Whether in a physical place at the reception site or online, guests can contribute cash or a check to be received by the newlyweds.

The wishing well at a wedding can be everything from a small box to a decorative basket. You can truly make it something your own that best matches the theme of your wedding.

Otherwise, to help simplify it for everyone, you can opt for a wishing well fund. Sites like Hitchd make it easier than ever, providing services where guests can make contributions or donations as they search through a menu of items on your site.

Why You Should Set Up a Wishing Well Fund

Instead of asking for gifts at their wedding, there are many different reasons couples choose to request money. Some of the most popular reasons behind setting up a wishing well fund for weddings include:

  • Want to donate money to community outreach, kids group, or other charitable organization
  • Show support to a local food drive or other charitable events
  • Save up to pay for a big item (buying a home, new car, etc.)
  • Get cash support to go towards an unforgettable honeymoon
  • Already have everything needed throughout the home

Etiquette For a Wishing Well Fund

Some people may feel uncomfortable giving cash as wedding gifts, especially those unfamiliar with a wishing well fund website. Thankfully, there’s an etiquette you can follow to help address this concern.

Explaining Your Wishing Well Fund

Although you may want to explain the wishing well on your invitation, this is not the place to do it. Follow our advice, and instead lead people to your wedding site. People will naturally come to your website when they want help or more information about your big day.

That’s why you can put an explanation of the wishing well fund here. If you want, you can provide as much or as little detail as you’d like. What’s important is that you’re giving your guests the option to contribute if they feel like it. If not, that’s okay too.

Don’t Make the Wishing Well Fund the Main Event

Much like you wouldn’t want your wishing well to be the center of attention at your wedding, your wishing well fund shouldn’t be either. If you set up a cash fund digital on Hitchd, you can simply include the link on your free wedding website.

Be Grateful for Any Amount Guests Donate to Your Wishing Well

You should not tell people the amount they should be giving. Instead, leave this option open. No matter how big or little is received, always be grateful for what guests give in support of your wishing well. After all, all of the little check amounts can add up to make your more significant purchases possible in the end.

Don’t Forget to Let Guests See What They Donate Towards

The last thing you need to do, beyond sending out your thank you cards, is to show people what you were able to get from the donations you received from your wishing well fund.

Once the time comes, update your wedding website (or include it in your thank you notes) to show the much-needed honeymoon, fancy dinner menu, or a glimpse of the home you were able to purchase thanks to their help.

Should You Have a Wishing Well Fund?

If you really do need household items, like that pressure cooker or blender, a wishing well fund might not feel like the right fit for you. But, for the couples who find they have every last item they could want together, they may opt for a wishing well instead.

Looking for the #1 Wishing Well Fund for Your Wedding?

Hitchd is a new type of online honeymoon wishing well that helps fund your adventure of a lifetime. Think of us as your very own honeymoon crowdfund, wishing well, Kickstarter, and travel planner, all rolled into one beautiful experience.

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