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Elevate Your Wedding with a Website to Make Your Day Shine Online

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
Nov 05, 20224 min read

Do You Really Need a Wedding Website?

New technology has created many opportunities for engaged couples to enter the wedding planning process. In the past, you would have to rely on your friends and family to spread the word about your upcoming nuptials.

These days, you can create a wedding site where all the details of your big day are readily available at the click of a button.

In this article, we’ll go through all the details of whether or not you should add a site to your wedding planning tasks.

Pros and Cons

But do you really need a wedding website? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons.


A wedding website is convenient for both you and your guests. All the information your guests need—the date, time, location, dress code, registry information, travel details, etc.—can be found in one place.

Wedding sites are also a great eco-friendly way to stay organized. You can manage your wedding party and guest list, keep track of which guests have sent in their RSVP cards, what gifts you’ve received, and any other essential details in one central location.

More good news, if you create a wedding website, you choose a cost-effective option.


Wedding sites can be a lot of work to set up and maintain. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy or short on time, a wedding website may not be the best use of your resources.

Additionally, wedding websites are not always necessary. If you’re having a small, intimate wedding with close family and friends, it may be just as easy to communicate all the details via email or phone.

Types of Wedding Websites

There are a few different types of wedding websites you can choose from.

Template-Based Wedding Website

The most popular option is a template-based website, which allows you to input your information into a pre-designed template. These websites are usually very user-friendly and don’t require any coding knowledge.

Custom-Designed Wedding Website

Another option is a custom-designed website. This type of site will give you more control over the design and functionality of your site. However, it will likely be more expensive and time-consuming to set up. You’ll need a specialist designer and use a website called WordPress to create it.

Free Wedding Website

Finally, there are some free wedding websites available. These websites may have limited design and functionality options, but they can be good if you’re on a tight budget.

Things to Consider

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a wedding website is right for you, you should consider a few things.

Wedding Budget

First, think about your budget. Wedding websites can range from free to several hundred dollars, depending on your desired features and design.

Time Commitment

Second, consider your time commitment. Creating and maintaining a wedding website can take significant time, especially if you’re doing it yourself. If you’re short on time or not tech-savvy, a wedding website might not be the best use of your resources.

Type of Wedding

Finally, think about the type of wedding you’re having. You might not need a wedding website if you’re having a small, intimate wedding with close family and friends. But if you’re planning a large destination wedding, a website can be a helpful way to keep your guests informed and organized.

The Best Wedding Websites

If you’re looking to forego your traditional wedding website, consider a site like At the end of the day, some weddings don’t need wedding websites. Instead, a personal and tasteful honeymoon registry will be plenty for them.

With Hitchd, you can add some information about your special day, including detailed descriptions of registry items. Best of all, Hitchd keeps your wedding registry information all neatly organized in one place.

What Is a Wedding Registry?

A wedding registry is a service a retailer provides that allows couples to create and manage a list of items they would like to receive as gifts. The couple’s friends and family can then use the checklist to purchase gifts for the couple’s wedding. With Hitchd, you can add anything from physical items to things for your honeymoon.

How Does It Work?

The couple creates an account with Hitchd and then adds items to their registry. They can add items from any retailer, not just Hitchd, and they can also add cash gifts to their registry. When an item is purchased, the couple is notified of the amount the guest has donated and to what thing within the registry they have sent funds. Once you reach the total amount, the gift on the registry will be marked as purchased.

What Are the Benefits of a Hitchd Wedding Registry?

There are a few benefits of using Hitchd for your registry. First, you can add items from any retailer, not just Hitchd. This means you’re not limited to the items you can add. You can also add cash gifts to your registry. This can be helpful if you’re looking to fund a specific item or honeymoon.

Create personal gifts with a library of templates or the option to upload your own. For an even more personalized touched, check out the video gift templates for a unique twist that’s sure to stand out.

The benefits of Hitchd don’t stop there, though. After your big day has come and gone, Hitchd continues lending a helping hand by allowing you to thank your guests for their gift contributions via posted gift cards.

Things to Ask Yourself if You’re Unsure if You Need a Wedding Website

  1. What is my budget for a wedding website?

  2. How much time do I have to commit to creating and maintaining a wedding website?

  3. What type of wedding am I having, and how do I want to get my style across on the website?

  4. Do I want a unique website that is customizable, or am I okay with a basic template?

  5. What features do I want my wedding website to have?

  6. How important is it to me that my guests be able to RSVP online?

  7. Do I want a wedding website doubling as a gift registry?

  8. What is my overall vision for my wedding website?


Ultimately, whether or not you choose to make a wedding website is up to you. If you think a wedding website will simplify your planning process and make things more convenient for your guests, then, by all means, create one! But if you’re not sure you have the time or energy to put into creating and maintaining a website, don’t sweat it—your wedding will still be beautiful without one.

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