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Wedding thank you card wording for a cash gift

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Jul 04, 20226 min read

As you’re wedding planning, you may already have thank you cards on your mind. Way to go, thinking of future you and planning ahead! Having a plan before your wedding day on how you’ll take care of thank you cards is an important wedding planning step.

Or maybe you’ve just returned from a fabulous honeymoon (thanks to that honeymoon fund you set up) and are starting to panic over how many thank you cards you need to send. And what to write!

Luckily, wedding thank you card wording for a cash gift can be simple!

More and more guests are opting for cash gifts instead of physical gifts because of convenience and because money is what a lot of brides and grooms want and need. If you set up a honeymoon fund on a site like hitchd, guests can contribute cash directly to your honeymoon — either for experiences or specific parts of the honeymoon.

We’ll explore some etiquette around thank you cards and a few cash wording examples you can use when crafting your message on your thank you note.

Are cash gifts common wedding gifts?

Some wedding sites estimate that about a third of wedding guests prefer to give cash gifts over physical gifts (or no gifts at all). They expect that number to increase as more couples opt to register for experiences over items.

Asking guests to gift you cash instead of presents

If your goal is to receive cash as a wedding gift instead of presents, the most polite way to do so is by creating a honeymoon fund and including the website on your invitations.

It’s against wedding etiquette to ask for cash on an invite, though, so you want to be subtle. With hitchd, you can create a custom registry with a unique URL to share with guests. We even provide wording examples so that you can hit the right tone with your guest list.

How to register for cash gifts

Registering for cash gifts is easy. Several sites offer the ability to register for a honeymoon or experience and let guests contribute any amount toward the “fund” for that experience.

Some sites, like hitchd, allow you to create separate “items” that guests can contribute to. For example, say you are taking a honeymoon to Italy. You can create separate funds for the tickets, dinners, specific excursions, and even luggage and other travel gear. Choose from thousands of beautiful stock photos and include custom wording that allows you to share why the experience or item is important to you.

There’s no fee to sign up with hitchd, and you only pay a one-time fee to allow guests to contribute directly to you via your preferred payment choice.

Handwritten vs. digital wedding thank you cards

Wedding card thank you etiquette is a bit more flexible in today’s online environment. Wedding guests are used to receiving digital invitations, purchasing gifts or sending cash via an online wedding registry and receiving thank you cards via email. Plus, younger generations care more about their carbon footprint and opt for electronic thank you cards because they are better for the environment.

With that being said, we all know the feeling of receiving a handwritten thank you note in the mail. Nice stationery and a beautifully written thank you can go a long way in telling your wedding gift givers you appreciate their gift.

Whether you choose to send handwritten or digital thank you cards for your wedding is up to you. Just remember to follow some of the suggestions around what to include on a card and when to send it - and always add a personal touch for the gift giver.

Hitchd allows you to choose a thank you card with a beautiful design that is yours to customize. We take care of the part that most people don’t want to deal with - addressing and mailing thank you cards! Or, you can choose to go the digital route and email thank you notes instead. We help you easily keep track of guests who have contributed to your online registry and send custom thank you notes with beautiful photos (from stock photos or your own!).

What to write on a thank you note

When writing your wedding thank you note, use a style that fits your personality and that of your guest. You don’t have to have a perfectly written poetic thank you card, just be genuine and express gratitude for their generosity.

Here are a few tips to consider as you write your thank you note for a cash wedding gift:

  1. Be specific about how you’ll use the money. Instead of a generic “Thank you for the money gift” message, be specific about how you’ll use the money. If you set up a honeymoon fund and guests contributed toward a specific purpose or experience, make sure to mention that.
  2. Share why their gift is important to you and your partner. After you share what you’ll use the money for, let the gift giver know why that’s important to you and your partner. Perhaps you let them know that their cash gift will help you stay at a hotel that caters to newlyweds, creating a honeymoon experience perfect for kicking off your new life with your significant other.
  3. Show your gratitude. Of course, don’t forget to write “Thank you.” You could also say “Thank you so much” or “Our deepest gratitude.”
  4. Each partner should sign their name. The thank you card should come from both wedding partners. You and your partner should sign the thank you note, whether or not it was for someone on your side of the wedding party or theirs.

Looking for some inspiration or writing tips? When you create a cash wedding fund on hitchd we help you create a personal thank you note message from some thoughtful wording examples.

Wording examples for wedding thank you cards for cash gifts

There are a few different groups of people you will likely need to send thank you cards to, and each group should have slightly different wording.

This is where a cash gift registry really comes in handy. You can easily track all gifts from friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances to make sending thank you notes easy. Plus, you won’t forget to send a thank you card to anyone.

With hitchd, you can create a custom cash gift registry and encourage family, friends, and anyone else who wants to give you a gift to visit your wedding website. They safely and securely contribute toward your honeymoon fund or cash fund for other items, and you can send a personal thank you card in real-time.

Thank you card wording for wedding guests who attended the wedding

When looking for inspiration for thank you card wording for friends and family who gave you a cash gift and attended your big day, make sure to thank them for their time and money gift.

A wording example could look like:

Dear X:

We are so thankful that you took the time to celebrate our special day with us. We had fun dancing with you at the reception and hope you enjoyed yourself!

Thank you for your generous contribution to our honeymoon fund. We look forward to using it for swimming with the dolphins — a bucket list goal of both of ours!

Thank you so much and lots of love! — Bride and Groom (names)

Thank you card wording for someone who gave you a cash gift before your wedding (but can’t attend)

If you receive a cash gift (or any gift) before your wedding, you’ll want to try to get that thank you note out as soon as possible, if you can.

Dear X:

We are so thankful that you thought of us before our big day! Thank you so much for contributing to our wedding fund.

While we are sad that you can’t make the wedding, we’ll be sure to share pictures and videos! Your generous gift will be used for a new couch that will fit our new space much better!

We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, we send our love and hugs! Thank you! — Bride and Groom (names)

Thank you card wording for friends and family who did not attend the wedding but gave you a cash gift

This type of thank you card can be sent along with the thank yous from those who attended the wedding.

Dear X:

We were sorry that you could not attend our big day — you were missed!

It was so thoughtful of you to give us money to celebrate our wedding. We are planning an epic honeymoon and will use it to purchase luggage, which we both desperately need!

We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, we send our love and hugs! Thank you! — Bride and Groom (names)

Thank you card wording for someone who gave you a cash gift but you did not invite to the wedding

You may be surprised at how many people want to give you something to celebrate your wedding, even if they aren’t invited. Maybe you’re not close with colleagues or neighbors, but they know about your big day and when it’s happening. They may still want to give you a gift, usually some money, to wish you well.

Remember to include these people in your thank you note list!

Here is an example of wording you could use:

Dear X:

It was so incredibly thoughtful of you to give us a gift of money for our wedding. We are lucky to have friends/colleagues/neighbors like you in our circle!

We are planning to go to Europe for our honeymoon, so your gift will help us as we purchase flights and hotels.

Thank you for your generosity! — Bride and Groom

When to send wedding thank you cards

There is some debate around the appropriate time to send wedding thank you cards (or really, a thank you card for any gift for any occasion). No one argues that “the sooner the better” is a good place to start, but at what point is it considered rude when you send a thank you note too late?

Many wedding planners suggest sending thank you cards after a bridal shower, engagement party, or for gifts received before the wedding within two weeks.

You have a bit more time to send thank you cards to guests who gave you a cash gift and attended your wedding.

It’s understood that you have a lot of thank yous to write after your wedding day. Plus, you need some time to enjoy yourselves as newlyweds, take a honeymoon and start your life together For these reasons, it’s appropriate to take up to three months from your wedding day to send thank you notes.

If you can send thank you cards before three months, all the better. This is why planning ahead and using automation, like that on your hitchd registry, can greatly help in limiting post-wedding thank you card stress!

The #1 seamless thank you note process and registry

Hitchd makes it easy to personalize your registry, create any type of gift, experience, or cash fund, and receive contributions from guests. With multiple thank you card options, you can quickly and easily share your gratitude with any family or friends who contribute toward your wedding.

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