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How to create a cash wedding registry for international guests

Ollie Rozdarz, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Ollie from Hitchd
Mar 23, 20225 min read

Nothing brings people together like a wedding. It’s a celebration that gives everyone all over the world an excuse to travel and maybe visit somewhere completely new. If you’re inviting family members and friends from different parts of the world, then you and your partner are probably looking forward to having them all together to take part in your special day and join your two families together.

As wonderful as having everyone together may be, there may be one small hiccup that you haven’t considered: What will you do about the wedding registry? If you have a traditional wedding registry at a big-box store, then some of your family members may be unable to access it if they live in another country.

But maybe they won’t mind? Hopefully they won’t feel left out of the festivities. Maybe they’ll just bring a card? But if they bring a card, can they include a cheque? Or cash? What if they use a different currency in their home country? Will they exchange it? Is all of this a little two much work just to give a loved one a gift?

You might have had these thoughts swirling in your head, but the honest truth is that your wedding guests want to give you a present. A wedding gift can be especially meaningful for family members to give because these are the people who have known and loved you all your life and watched you grow up. And now you’re taking this big step to commit yourself to someone, and your relatives want to support you and welcome your partner to the family. It might seem like a lot of emotion to throw into a gift, but that’s what’s so special and meaningful about weddings, especially for international guests who want you to know that you mean something to them even if you never lived in the same country.

So going the extra mile to think about your international guests when building your wedding registry will make those loved ones feel particularly appreciated and special. After all, they’re going to give you a present anyway. Why not make it a pleasant experience for them to pick out a gift and know that they have something you’ll find meaningful?

As mentioned, using a traditional wedding registry at a store like Target or Amazon might not work for guests without those stores or who are unable to bring your present as a carry-on bag on the plane. So what can you do instead?

Here’s how to build a wedding registry for international guests to matter where you say “I do.”

Best online wedding registries for international guests

To accommodate international guests, an online wedding registry will be your best friend. Platforms like Hitchd can help you build your dream registry from the ground up, including all of the gifts you really want whether they’re physical gifts like sheets and towels or experience-based ones related to your honeymoon.

While some people do use online wedding registries for traditional home goods gifts, most couples chose to design honeymoon registries. These registries function like a traditional one with a list of gifts, but all of the gifts are experiences related to your honeymoon, such as airfare, accommodations, food and activities. Guests can read through your descriptions, decide on a gift that they like and then send you the money so that you can make all the arrangements yourself.

Online wedding registries come with several advantages for couples with international guests at their weddings, including:

  • Ease of access: Most sites, including Hitchd, can be accessed in countries across the globe, and many web browsers will translate text so you can feel good knowing your guests will be able to find your registry and use it.
  • Multiple payment options: Online wedding registries often accept all types of payment options, so matter where the guest accesses the registry. With Hitchd, you can select all types of payment types such as credit cards, PayPal, Cash App or even bitcoin. Having all of these options will allow guests to choose one that’s best for them, preferably one that doesn’t charge too many extra fees.
  • Variety of gifts: Like any other wedding guest, your international attendants would appreciate having a variety of gifts to choose from in terms of price point. Some of them may be spending a lot of money to attend your wedding. It would be kind of you to provide multiple experiences at $25 or $40 so your international guests can take part without breaking the bank. Hitchd also lets users take big, expensive gifts, such as airfare, and break them down into smaller gift amounts.

International guests will love the fact that they can feel more included in your special day with an online wedding registry from Hitchd, and you’ll be able to ask for the gifts that you certainly want.

Top gifts for honeymoon and online wedding registries

If this is your first wedding and honeymoon, and it is for most people, then you might be scratching your head thinking of what gifts you should add to your registry. It’s probably easy to think of a few gifts for a traditional wedding registry, but an online one or a honeymoon registry may be a whole new experience for you.

To get you started, here are a few favorite gifts for online and wedding registries:

  • Airfare and accommodations: No doubt the airfare and hotel expenses will be the biggest ones on your credit card. These gifts can help you ensure you and your partner have a safe flight and find a hotel or resort that’s extra special for your honeymoon.
  • Luggage: Wouldn’t it be great to have a matching carry-on bag and suitcase for your big journey together. Luggage makes for a great gift, especially for international guests since they’re doing some travelling of their own.
  • Sports or theater tickets: Whether you’re staying home for your honeymoon or going abroad, tickets to see a show or sporting event can be extra special when you’re newly married. These are fun gifts to give as the giver can hear all about the experience later.
  • Food and dining: There’s nothing like treating the happy couple to a romantic dinner after they’re newly married. This is a great gift for any wedding guest to give.

Remember, it’s best to add twice as many gifts as guests that are coming to your wedding. This ensures that there are enough gifts for everyone. As Hitchd can break down large gifts into smaller ones, then you shouldn’t have a problem filling your registry.

How to add a cash fund to your online wedding registry

A cash fund is like a money pool. Anyone can add whatever amount they’d like, and there’s no minimum or maximum. Cash funds are great for international guests because they can add whatever amount works for them. As they’re likely balancing their own expenses to get to your wedding, letting them decide what they’d like to give will make their travels easier.

Using Hitchd, you can also give your cash fund a theme or purpose to make it more meaningful to guests. Try:

  • Downpayment cash fund: Want to raise money for a downpayment on a home? A cash fund can help you raise the money.
  • Furniture cash fund: Got the house? Great, now you need to fill it with furniture. If you don’t want to purchase low-quality furniture that will break easily, then a cash fund can help you afford better furniture that will last for decades.
  • Baby fund: Planning to start a family right after the wedding? A baby fund can help you two get started painting the nursery or picking out a crib.

With Hitchd, you can also send thank-you emails right away after you receive a gift. This lets you thank guests wherever they are and helps them feel confident that you saw their gift and appreciate it.

Your international guests want you to know that they’re thinking about you, even when you’re not together. Though they may not always be able to show it or tell you, they love you, and contributing to your wedding registry is an easy way for them to express their love and support for you. When you build an online wedding registry through Hitchd, you’re showing them that love right back by thinking of inclusive ways for them to see seen and welcomed.

Ready to build a honeymoon registry with Hitchd? Here’s how to do it.

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