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Honeymoon Registries: A Complete Guide for Couples

Isuru, Co-Founder of Hitchd
Isuru from Hitchd
Jan 22, 20235 min read

Let’s be honest; most modern-day couples planning a wedding don’t need a bunch of gifts for the kitchen, so the age-old wedding registries seem a little outdated. If knives, blenders, glasses, and china don’t sound appealing, then it’s time for a different type of wedding registry. So, if your heart is set on a dream honeymoon, why not have your guests help pay for it?

If the idea of draining your savings or going into debt to have a honeymoon doesn’t appeal to you, it’s time to create a honeymoon registry. Sure! The idea of asking for money as a wedding gift was taboo or tacky. But that thought dates back to when couples didn’t live together before marriage.

Choosing the ultimate Honeymoon Registry Platform

It’s critical to choose wisely when it comes to selecting the right honeymoon registry for you. One example is Hitchd, the leading honeymoon registry platform that allows couples to customize their wedding gift experience. With a user-friendly interface, Hitchd offers unique features such as:

  • Easy Gift Creation: Create custom gift listings for honeymoon experiences, from romantic dinners to adventurous activities.
  • Template Library: Choose from a wide selection of pre-made templates to simplify honeymoon planning.
  • Stock Images & Videos: Get inspired with access to an extensive library of HD quality images and videos.
  • Custom Gifts: Create personalized gift listings with complete control over details.
  • Multiple Funding Options: Choose from various payment methods for guest contributions, including credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Wise, Zelle, Revolut, or even Bitcoin.
  • Email Connections: Add multiple email addresses to receive notifications on contributions.
  • Registry Customization: Personalize your registry page with your honeymoon destination, avatars, and an introductory message.
  • Easy Sharing: Share your registry with guests via email, text, social media, or QR code.
  • Optimized Mobile Experience: Enjoy seamless browsing on mobile devices with the best mobile user experience in the industry.

Not all registries are created equal - so it’s important to weight up what features are important for you and your partner.

How A Traditional Wedding Registry Differs From A Honeymoon Registry

The original purpose of wedding registries was to ensure that young couples, specifically young ladies, had everything they needed to begin a family. However, before wedding registries became common, young families accumulated silverware, china, and handcrafted linens in “hope chests” before they knew who they would marry.

In the 20th century, the modern wedding registry that we all know and love evolved. As marriage became less transactional over time, the emphasis on gift-giving shifted from the couple’s families to the guests themselves. Because of custom and the societal expectation of “paying for one’s food” by bringing a gift that costs about what the couple spent per wedding guest, several attendees felt compelled to provide gifts nonetheless.

In the 1920s, receiving gifts of silver, china, crystal, and linen was usual, but since it was impossible to keep track of who purchased what, couples frequently received many of the same presents. To avoid duplication when providing wedding gifts, Marshall Fields (now Macy’s), a Chicago department store, created the first wedding registry in 1924.

Today we are seeing wedding registries morph into something entirely different. Gone are the days when registries just included household items. And we think it’s great! Instead, honeymoon or cash fund registries are the new norm. They differ from a traditional wedding registry because they allow guests to collect cash and register for experienced-based gifts.

Today there are many traditional wedding registries that you can use as well as several honeymoon registries. But, as with anything else, all honeymoon funds are not created equal. And it’s important to select the one that best fits your life. Here are some things you should know about honeymoon fund registries.

You Get What You Pay For

When it’s time to register for wedding gifts, you have to choose between a traditional registry or a honeymoon registry. But to do that, it’s essential that you read the fine print and understand how they work.

Each honeymoon fund or honeymoon registry will have different features and benefits. And while some claim to be “free,” there are always fees associated with them. Some registries will pass a fee along to your friends and family when they pay with their credit cards. This can happen as an amount that is over and above the gift price, or it can be deducted from the funds that your guests have intended for you as a gift, so you actually end up with less money.

The way these fees are handled can turn couples off as they do not want their guests to deal with being charged extra money.

Paying Upfront Is The Safest Option

When you want to receive cash gifts from wedding guests, a honeymoon registry is a way to go. And if you don’t want your friends and family to be bombarded by an extra fee, it’s best to pay for your honeymoon fund upfront. It’s the safest option for couples.

Need To Watch Out For Ads

Another thing to pay attention to when you create a honeymoon fund is their ad policy. When your wedding guests are on your registry, will they be bombarded by ads? Honeymoon funds should be a fun experience for your guests. They are excited that you’re getting married and want to help you achieve your dream honeymoon without being attacked by ads.

Make Sure You Check Reviews On Trustpilot For The Platform

It’s always a great idea when you are going to work with any company that you read reviews, and a honeymoon registry is no different. Trustpilot is a great place to see what people say about their experience with the different honeymoon registries.

Gift Card Instead Of Cash

Here’s a little secret: some honeymoon registries don’t disclose upfront or may not make it too clear. Rather than receiving your honeymoon funds directly into your bank account, they want to pay it out with gift cards. For most couples, creating a honeymoon registry is to receive cash for them to use on experiences after their wedding.

So, if you were to choose a honeymoon fund that pays out in gift cards, your funds would be trapped. Gift cards don’t give you the freedom to spend as you wish. A honeymoon fund that allows guests to build a fund for you to use as you see fit, with money going directly to your bank account, is much better.

Specific Items To Include On Your Honeymoon Registry

The great thing about honeymoon registries is that couples get to create a unique list. At Hitchd, you can add a selection of items that allow guests to contribute cash, especially for you to use on anything, or they can gift money for experiences.

To make your guests’ gift-giving experience a little more unique and enjoyable, you can design experiences. It provides a pleasant glimpse into your planned experience and makes your guests feel like they are getting you something particular rather than just writing a check.

Here are some gift ideas you can add to your honeymoon registry.

  • Couple’s massage
  • Brewery tours
  • Hotel stays
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Safaris
  • Plane tickets
  • Cooking classes.

They have tons of pre-populated experience ideas that your guests can contribute to, or couples can create their own unique trip ideas. So, if you want to go on a catamaran ride and it’s not on the list, you can add it. And you can register for as many items as you want.

How To Let Your Guests Know About Your Honeymoon Fund

The easiest way to inform your guests about your honeymoon registry is to include it on your wedding website. Having this fund online makes it easy for guests to contribute cash that you can use to create a trip of a lifetime.

Register for as many items as you want, the guests can select what they want to fund, and then you don’t have to worry about keeping track of and packing up a bunch of wedding gift boxes on your wedding day.

You’ll have the trip of a lifetime, and the guests won’t be bored by scrolling through endless amounts of household items on a traditional registry. It’s a win-win for both the couples and the guests.

Few Reasons As To Why Hitchd Is The Best One

Things that distinguish Hitchd from the other honeymoon registries or honeymoon funds are listed below. As we mentioned, you should always research to determine which honeymoon fund is best for you.

  • You can add a personal welcome message on your honeymoon fund with Hitchd
  • Add a photo of yourselves
  • Use pre-populated gift experience ideas
  • Hitchd includes video gift templates for an interactive experience
  • Money goes directly to your bank account
  • Easy to use for guests and couples

Honeymoon registries are becoming the new norm in how engaged couples receive a wedding gift from guests. So if you’re ready to ditch the traditional registry and create a honeymoon fund for your guest to contribute, let’s get started now. Your trip of a lifetime or dream honeymoon is a few clicks away.

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